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Top garlic-drenched dish from Nigel's Foodie Thursday ensured that Rebecca, Matt and I all smelt delightful last night, Sally was meat-free and fragrant of course. We were all attending er, a book launch in central London where er, the author was presented with that most traditional of gifts-a geiger counter. Well fizzy wine is all very well but is gone in a flash, a radiation detector is for life. Who knows when it might come in handy? The room was boffin-heavy with top scientists and all the chat was of particle acceleration and super heavy elements. Bet you wish you were there!

2 shows of fun today. Movies from 2 on 5L and all requests for 2 at 5. Promises to be a busy, chaotic drive home for many so we'll make it a good one. 1990 seems to be selected by the mysterious radio genie (prompted by a nice photo of me with Jackie Brambles) so your opening song should appear from there please.

Have a sprightly and radiation-free Friday (apart from all the radiation that's harmless - boy you need one of these geiger counters) see you after 5.


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