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One day at a time


Rightiho another fine Friday here, sun pouring through the curtains and causing far too much sneezing. But at least I'm not on a train. I've spent a lot of time looking for good breakfasts in stations recently and am quite the expert on porridge, baguettes and butties. Kings Cross/St Pancras is the winner as far as I'm concerned for a particular porridge that I would almost prefer to my own. In fact I do prefer to my own. I might have to detour on my way to work...
So this appears to be a bank holiday in early May that won't be a total wash out. It has always been the most useless holiday but not this year. As Chris is reading out all the BBQ butcher specials, we might even get a lovely few days. This is tempered by all those articles saying it presages a wet and feeble summer but we've had lots of those anyway. And no one knows whats coming down the track anyway so lets enjoy the warmth while it's here. Child 3 will be spending the weekend 1)coughing and spluttering and 2) revising. We'll all have a better time than that I think.
Shortened movie show from 3 today due to local election results, then a sun-kissed ARF with 1972 being your opening year of requirement. I shall apply the glitter makeup in anticipation...
And (NB) an all-music Monday drivetime next week (and blog hopefully!)
Have a bronzed and golden Friday, see you after 5


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