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First apologies for the late posting yesterday. It was in the system but never quite made it to you. Words have been spoken, meetings have been called. Hopefully this won't happen again! And thanks for all the birthday greetings to child 3, he celebrated with the traditional bowls of fizzy fish and then opening a Facebook account. This has been the thing he has been looking forward to more than anything-a modern rite of passage. The evening rang to cries of who had just accepted his friendship requests. I shall point him in the direction of the SMDT page ASAP. I've realised I have no idea whether their is age requirement to join the blog but I shall tell him its 21 anyway.

Suit wearing today as I'm off the to the National Book Awards tonight. Itch has been nominated for best children's book where it will probably lose to David Walliams but even being nominated seems like winning to be honest. So we go with the expectation of a few canapés, the odd glass of prosecco and a cheery evening anyway; no one, especially me, expected to be doing this kind of thing anyway! I shall report, bleary-eyed from a train tomorrow morning.

Today we welcome Boris Johnson to Drivetime. The Mayor of London is, by any reckoning, a unique figure in the UK and whether you like his politics or don't, he is rarely short of compelling. He's had a good year too all in all and he's written a book on London which begins with his account of the Olympic experience. It is fascinating stuff I think and you cab Mayor Boris after 6. I thought we'd do Boris oldies but no! After the baby news of yesterday we should try songs of EXPECTATION. One of the papers has 'Kate Expectations' as the headline today so that seems about right really. Waiting, hoping, expecting- that kind of thing.

Have an uplifting and flattering Tuesday, see you after 5.


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