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Here we go. A slightly rushed blog today for which apologies. Final school trip of the year this morning (all the way to north London) and a chat with director Peter Jackson about his Hobbit before we get to Drivetime. And this needs to be in the system as early as possible so it can be cranked through and delivered to your computer. In its shiny new format which you love so much.  Seriously, your comments will be noted of course (not that I can read any this morning!  I can see that there are 217 but not what they are saying. I did get the gist yesterday however....) I shall make a point of forwarding all comments to head of corporate redesign systems analysis solutions to see what she/he has to say for her/himself.  

Top comic Rhod Gilbert today. I've done a couple of shows with Rhod and he's a very funny guy (which is a good thing for a comedian). He stood up for Pudsey and stood in for Steve a few weeks back but his funniest stuff I've seen this year is the TV series where Rhod has a go at different jobs. His attempt to be a teacher was fantastic stuff.

Tunes today please on the frantic craziness of CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. The Confession yesterday was a fine example of Christmas department hassle, so let's go with that. Grotto grumbling.

Have an accurately budgeted and well balanced Tuesday, see you after 5.


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