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Time to kill.


And we made it to another weekend, well done troops. The estate cold and uninviting (partially naked except toffee wrappers and this morning's papers, Mr Jones got run down. Lyrics that just sprung to mind. Not many songs I can quote but Down In A Tubestation At Midnight is one of them). The autumnal leaves still not swept yet and each one reproaching me for my slovenly gardening. Or no gardening at all really. Job 1 Tomorrow I reckon, unless its freezing and then obviously I might be damaging the er, turf and things like that. Fortunately tons have accumulated on the trampoline so I can bounce those off. And burn the rest.
2 show Friday and the first movie show in our new studio which will be lovely. No more Television Centre for me and no more dashes on the central line and breathless cookie-buying if I'm the quiz loser. My arrival at Radio 2 will be even more serene. Guest on 5L is Helena Bonham Carter who stars in Great Expectations with Ralph Feinnes.
All request time then and todays ARF opener from the year of 1972 please. The crown could be yours!
And before we go, thanks to top producer Gary Bones who has execed this show since we started and whose job it has been to read this nonsense before you do to make sure I don't break any rules. Like say ******* *** ******** ** ****** and tell you about ******** **** and ******* *****. Or mention Itch. Things like that. Thanks Gary, top work. Your life is now easier!
Have a chilled and insouciant Friday, see you after 5. and 2.


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