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Sunny, breezy, deceptively cool. This, it occurs to me, applies to today's weather and today's guests in equal measure.  A good weekend? Blog seems full of Wisteria knowledge and ARFO research. Very interesting stuff too. Any takers for 1962? Some years appear to be neglected somewhat! (that's not a commitment btw)
Here's the the thing about the Eagles. They were old when I was at school. They were part of what the oldies were into - my sisters friends for example. Her boyfriend-now husband- loved them more than anything and so Desperado, Take It Easy, Lyin' Eyes etc all became part of the music I grew up with. You absorb that stuff, the music that's around you as you're growing up and becomes part of your musical DNA. You can move on of course and develop your own tastes but they reel you back in every now and then. Particularly if the songs you're talking about feature on the biggest selling album of the 20th century. Their Greatest Hits 1971-75 takes that particular biscuit with 42 million copies sold. It's no wonder those tunes worked their way into our collective subconscious. Even if we were hardly California.
Any way Joe Walsh will be in today as will Timothy B Schmidt who sang on the show a couple of years back. Plenty of chances to talk harmony, bust-ups and the music of CALIFORNIA. And California oldies will take us there if you have a sunny moment for me.
Have a sunny and Tiffany-twisted* Monday, see you after 5.

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