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Morning all. If it's Tuesday, it must be somewhere else. Horseguards again I think where the scrapping in the sand is still going on. Fortunately no trains needed today so minimal risk of me ending up somewhere I shouldn't be. Yesterday I was too engrossed in my paper to notice that I was going to the wrong part of London. Wrong line, wrong direction. Fortunately there were lots of confused visitors around so I mingled with them.

Finally all was well and Greenwich was as beautiful as ever. We filmed some madcap bits for the website on the Cutty Sark, had a team meeting in the pub and wandered home (right line, right direction).

Loads of blog mentions yesterday, thanks for the tunes. I lost the Facebook and Twitter names so it was a walkover for you guys. Today we should salute the mighty EQUESTRIAN team getting their first gold since Disraeli was Prime Minister or whatever stat Matt had yesterday. That jump off vs the Dutch was a nailbiter even when you knew how it finished. And Nick Skelton's story is amazing. To win gold at the age of 54 after breaking your neck and getting a new hip after a fall is quite something. His horse Big Star was getting plaudits too so lets raise a tune to for Ben Maher, Scott Brash, Peter Charles and Nick Skelton.

EQUESTRIAN oldies if you have a moment (and maybe don't bother with the Racing Cars tune, fine though it is).

Have a controlled and fault-free Tuesday, see you after 5.


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