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Good morning and happy Halloween etc. I shall be marking the day by attending the Muse concert for Radio 2 tonight. I realise that I am therefore neglecting my trick or treat duties but that's the way it is. I'd love to be at home answering the door to local ghouls, handing out a selection of sweets and cheery 'ooh your scary' comments, but the thought of one of the biggest bands of the UK playing our little theatre is unmissable. I saw Muse at Wembley a few years ago and it was massive and very very noisy. Broadcasting House will tremble. And that's after that Dr Mosh steps up with a Monster Mosh for Halloween.
There was a time when we dreaded Trick or Treat as it seemed to be just an excuse for some ruffians to hammer on your door all evening asking, as Eddie Izzard said once, 'give us sweets for no reason'. But in the last few years though it seems to have become more organised and family friendly and handing over some tuck seems quite the thing to do. It means no one does 'Penny for the Guy' anymore but that was declining anyway. Did any bloggers do that? It seemed on its way out when I was growing up but maybe it's a regional thing.
And the oldies have to be GHOSTLY and, as child 3 has pointed out, WEREWOLFY as it's a full moon as well as All Hallows Eve. How could we not?
Have a cheery and well-balanced Wednesday. See you after 5


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