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  1. Bubble perms and fancy pants

    Friday 23 May 2014, 08:08

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    One of those 'the neighbours car alarm has been going off non stop all night and why can't they just turn it off' sort of mornings here.

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  2. Damp, moist, brighter later

    Thursday 22 May 2014, 08:42

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    (today's blog accompaniment is Natalie Merchant's new album which appears to be called Natalie Merchant. V lovely so far)

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  3. Marvel-ous & X-Rated

    Wednesday 21 May 2014, 08:33

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Wednesday already, the coffee is on and the sun is still out. Rain on the way, child 3 says he has a waterproof at school (we will see) and a top show on the way (though obviously you'll be the judge on that). How are all the top bloggers here on the top blog?

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  4. Sniffle and Wheeze

    Tuesday 20 May 2014, 08:23

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Busy old show on the way! John Cleese is in today to talk Python and getting the whole show on the road one final time. I haven't interviewed him for many years but he was always a fan of radio and an earnest interviewee.

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  5. Twang, strum and pluck

    Monday 19 May 2014, 08:15

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Phew what a scorcher etc. Shorts made an appearance yesterday but no one was looking so I might have got away with it. A sunny weekend of many comings and goings, visitors and takeaways before ending up at a pub bash for Rick Wakeman's 65th birthday.

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  6. A cello and a leather glove

    Friday 16 May 2014, 09:18

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Friday morning bright and lovely here and a house full of people, ironing and bacon smells. But I wave it all goodbye and head for a our book club executive committee steering group cohort meeting with special responsibilities for choosing top books for everyone.

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  7. Sumac, Labna and other favourites

    Thursday 15 May 2014, 09:28

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Sunglasses needed by 5am here. It's a look, you should try it. PJ's and shades, it's a winning combo and won't lead to derision at all.

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  8. You're Nicked

    Wednesday 14 May 2014, 10:15

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Morning from a sunny office with blue sky and warm temps on the way (temperatures not casual staff obvs). First blogger in shorts? Maybe too early for all that sort of thing.  

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  9. Give Yourself An Award

    Tuesday 13 May 2014, 08:16

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    So well done us. Radio 2 is station of the year and it's glasses of cordial all round. A bauble and a trinket maybe but a shiny one indeed and you may share in the glory. We'll deliver the trophy to your mantlepiece, you get to keep it for an hour or so. Please polish then hand on to the next name on...

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  10. Excess all areas

    Monday 12 May 2014, 10:09

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    A week that dawns without any internet.

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