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  1. Ship shape and Weymouth fashion

    Tuesday 31 July 2012, 11:11

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Not sure what to wear today. Off to Weymouth where it is raining but I think will be dry by the time we hit the beach this afternoon. Matt wants to wear shorts but I'm not so sure. And the train leaves very soon! Decision time!

    The last time I was on the Dorset coast I do believe I was in shorts-of...

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  2. No Laminate Required

    Monday 30 July 2012, 11:15

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Well good morning to all bloggers, welcome to our Olympic Monday (a). I hope your weekend was happy and glorious. We went from the OARF to a friend's party where we all watched the opening ceremony. And we whooped and cheered for James Bond and HM, laughed with Rowan Atkinson and (the softer amongst...

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  3. Let's all go zoink

    Friday 27 July 2012, 11:45

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    (Olympic grumps and deniers look away now)

    Well you have been busy. Glad the blog's diodes (?) have been humming. Cornwall and Suffolk were wet, cold, sunny, hot and everything in between. The surf was mighty and then 'fiddlin' and small'. The chips were bountiful and the assorted illnesses which afflict...

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  4. Let That Blog Keep Rolling!

    Tuesday 24 July 2012, 09:58

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Postcard from hols.
    Weather and family pleasant, fewer chips needed.
    See you Friday.

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  5. No more working for a week or two...

    Friday 13 July 2012, 11:10

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Well an interesting double blog for no apparent reason, no idea why that happened. Who knows how many will appear today? Maybe you could get one each? Now that would be fun.

    The sun of course didn't last and through the torrential rain and gazebo-tilting, our last blade of grass disappeared under the...

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  6. Poles, pegs and sogginess

    Thursday 12 July 2012, 10:49

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Good morning.

    A sunny morning and Alan D on the news just now said 'it would remain dry' but I think that can't be right. Water on the brain or something. Child 3 off on a school trip to Legoland and was quite confused at the prospect of what to wear. In the end though the prospect of all those water...

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  7. Have I Got Issues For You...

    Wednesday 11 July 2012, 10:41

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Hey bloggers! Who fancies some clearing up then? Some washing up maybe? Little bit of taking out the bottles? Or some packing -up-the-gazebo perchance? Oh well. No reason you should really. It's that morning after when you're the only one up and a days worth of clearing up awaits. Better to write the...

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  8. Good grief

    Tuesday 10 July 2012, 10:34

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Feeling old this morning. Feel old most mornings. But child 1 turns 21 today and memories, photos and presents are much in evidence along with articles and newspaper cuttings revealing the advancing years. It's one of those 'Sunrise,Sunset' moments (younger bloggers need to refer to 'Fiddler on the Roof...

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  9. H2O and then some

    Monday 9 July 2012, 09:41

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Today's blog brought to you courtesy of another railway company and their fine rolling stock. I'm heading to the wilds of High Wycombe to talk to another school and prime them for their Radio 2 years. I always start the slide show/PowerPoint with the Radio 2 logo which makes the teachers laugh if nothing...

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  10. Come On Tim!

    Friday 6 July 2012, 10:22

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    The rain is never ending so I'm doing the only thing that seems decent. I'm going to Wimbledon. Haven't been there for many years it seems and it will be good to see the old faces again (no disrespect to La Balding, J Overend et al). We've been asked to perform our movie show at midday today to make...

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