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January (16 posts)

  1. Nearly done

    Friday 29 June 2012, 10:21

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Yes yes it's Friday and another week done. Distinctly dodgy one health wise but I'm not sure you'd have noticed that; no passing presenters hauled in to fill in and no need to resort to extra long songs just yet.
    Very short blog yesterday and far more posts. Hmmm. Maybe I should just write less and...

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  2. Tardy...

    Thursday 28 June 2012, 11:08

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Late blog, life getting in the way. I'll be brief!
    Loved the chat with Celia Imrie yesterday. What a woman! Very funny, very smart, very talented. And she was in Star Wars. As I mentioned on the show 'which member of Calendar Girls was in Star Wars?' has to be quite a good quiz question at the very least...

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  3. Pink Champagne On Ice

    Wednesday 27 June 2012, 11:04

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Enjoyed myself yesterday. It was admittedly unwise to claim I could beat the rest of the team in a 100 meter sprint, but apart from that, a good day (maybe my gastric condition will have to last a little longer). Sitting next to Glenn Frey as he sang "Take It To The Limit" was a memorable few moments...

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  4. The Eagle has Landed

    Tuesday 26 June 2012, 10:27

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    So the GP says I can go to work unless I'd rather not. I say I'd rather work thank you. No I haven't been travelling or met exotic animals or birds. A bug it is then. Drink water and take it easy (as The Eagles would say, more of them in a minute). So this is what I am doing. I would rather have a coffee...

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  5. Just bring grapes

    Monday 25 June 2012, 09:53

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Hello and greetings from the estate. Or to be more accurate, my sickbed within the estate. I have spent most of the weekend indisposed, I will spare you the details. The GP may have a few things to say before the show but assuming he gives the all clear, all will be well. Well, nearly well anyway.

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  6. Catches A Weekend Web of Loveliness

    Friday 22 June 2012, 10:28

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Friday again my goodness.That was a quick one and a weekend of promise awaits (I think that means I can't remember anything that I'm supposed to be doing but someone will tell me soon). No school run, no art to watch, no exam results to wait for, just sleeping students who are unlikely to be up before...

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  7. Better what?

    Thursday 21 June 2012, 11:22

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Late blog due to meetings and wandering around child 2's final year art show. I missed this due to radio commitments of course but needed to see it before it was taken down and everything disappeared into parent's attics and cupboards. Once your kid's art starts leaving the fridge and has to be displayed...

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  8. Such Fun!

    Wednesday 20 June 2012, 09:49

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Good morning bloggers, new and vets. A sunny morning (enjoying it while we can) and this house's last exam of the summer. Hooray! A level English is done and dusted this lunchtime and good riddance to Gatsby, Corelli and Satan who have plagued our recent weeks and months. Piles of notes, sweet wrappers...

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    Tuesday 19 June 2012, 10:00

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Lovely sunny school run, cheerful banter about tonight's football and the imminent marking/return of exam papers. Flags now turning up in a few places, adding to the post-Jubilee and pre-Olympic bunting and I was thinking that les enfants will have a lot to remember about this summer. Not the weather...

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  10. Arise! Arise!

    Monday 18 June 2012, 10:16

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    And a jolly good Monday to you all. My weekend highlight was to pass away a few hours at Bristol Parkway station where, having missed a train, I got to spend an hour or so with the assorted crisp wrappers and discarded crusts that seem very popular there. We blew away a small space and perched,not breathing...

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