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  1. Ex libris

    Tuesday 24 September 2013, 08:56

    President Obama, quitting and the Radio 2 Book Club - Robert Harris with 'An Officer and a Spy'.

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  2. Sunrise, Sunsatnav

    Monday 23 September 2013, 08:43

    OMD, Downton Abbey, taking children to university and birthday celebrations

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  3. Can't Touch This

    Friday 20 September 2013, 09:11

    So we found out the oldest thing in the world is in the Natural History Museum.

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  4. Someone else's chair

    Thursday 19 September 2013, 09:13

    Autumnal oldies, studio changes and Marinated Lavender Chicken.

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  5. Tough guy

    Wednesday 18 September 2013, 09:01

    Sting, Lee Child and Tom Cruise. Plus School dinners.

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  6. Synchronicity 3

    Tuesday 17 September 2013, 08:21

    Healthy living oldies and Sting.

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  7. More than what

    Monday 16 September 2013, 08:50

    Patrick Ness, The Radio 2 Book Club, plastic bag oldies and parties.

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  8. Stones rolled

    Friday 13 September 2013, 09:11

    All Request Friday

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  9. Des Res

    Thursday 12 September 2013, 09:02

    Elton John and Estate Agents

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  10. Surely not

    Wednesday 11 September 2013, 11:45

    Well this is clearly ridiculous. Child 2 is claiming to be 20 today but I know that it was just last week she started at school so that can't be right.

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  11. Sparkle and Wax

    Tuesday 10 September 2013, 09:32

    Prince William, stress and Mark Kermode's Dodge Brothers.

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  12. Park Life

    Monday 9 September 2013, 08:44

    Chilly September, Hyde Park, Anthony Horowitz and Wrestling Oldies.

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  13. I'd rather Jack

    Friday 6 September 2013, 08:41

    All Request Friday, Ron Howard on 5Live and rain.

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  14. Yours sincerely

    Thursday 5 September 2013, 08:57

    Shorts! At 7am! Maybe for the last time but hey ho. There is no way they'll be on for the gig in Hyde Park (by which I mean long trousers required, not that I'll be trouserless) as the weather forecast looks fine but cooler.

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  15. Once upon a time

    Wednesday 4 September 2013, 09:12

    Well good morning bloggers, Wednesday looking fine from here. Enjoy the warmth while it's with us.

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  16. What a man

    Tuesday 3 September 2013, 09:08

    The legend David Jacobs, The Manic Street Preachers and Back To School Oldies.

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  17. Autumn shorts

    Monday 2 September 2013, 08:48

    Autumn sunshine, football transfer oldies and the return of the Radio 2 Book Club.

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  18. Cheesecloth loons and platforms

    Friday 30 August 2013, 10:03

    Two show Friday, Richard Curtis and 1974

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  19. All About Me

    Thursday 29 August 2013, 10:16

    If this is later than normal, that is my fault. I am blogging late as child 3 starts a new school today.

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  20. Eat your greens

    Wednesday 28 August 2013, 09:28

    Broccoli, new shoes and the imminent return to school

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