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No one would have believed....

Simon Mayo | 09:36 UK time, Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Me again. Bright, sunny, cold, and first defrosted school run of the year. Kids discussed their imminent history exam and I puzzled over getting a twitter direct message from President Obama. For those who don't indulge, you can either post a general message which everyone can see, or a direct message to one person only. But to send a DM to someone, you both have to be following each other. I follow the Pres but he doesn't follow me (no offence I'm sure). So how come he sent me a DM? Special twitter friends in the CIA? Anyway, in case he didn't send you one here it is:
Be the difference in this election today--help people find their polling place and know where to volunteer.
I think that is uncontroversial enough to get through don't you?
Thanks for the mentions about the Carnegie medal nomination which made the news yesterday afternoon. Being mentioned on the news was a scary experience-even if the story was a good one. Mrs M's reaction was "what's he done now?" which was hardly reassuring. Anyway, it's a very long list but very flattering anyway. God bless librarians.
Today we welcome back Jeff Wayne to talk War of the Worlds as the album is out soon and the tour is imminent. Album has Gary Barlow, Joss Stone and Liam Neeson, the tour has Jason Donovan, Marti Pellow and a hologram of Liam Neeson. Everyone has the album, no one listens to side 3 and we all join in the 'Ulaaaaa' bit.
And songs for the US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION DAY please. I'll tweet Barack an see what he wants.
Have a clear-headed and logical Tuesday. See you after 5.


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