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Shaken, stirred etc.

Simon Mayo | 09:27 UK time, Friday, 14 September 2012

Speeding north in coach C of the 8 o'clock train to Manchester. I am ludicrously overdressed in a tv-ready suit and mauve shirt, trying not to spill coffee over everything. 2 spangly women are coughing their way through a selection of colourful magazines and bemoaning the smoking ban. England's green and pleasant is looking sunny and harvested and I'm wondering whether to chance a train version of coffee/tea/cocoa.
It is a 3 show day today (following on from yesterday's measly 2). It's been a long time in the planning but it is "Bond and Beyond" day. First up is the movie show on 5 Live with the BBC Philharmonic playing everyone's fave Bond tunes as voted by for by the British public. Mark and I have done one of these orchestra shows before and they really are quite something. Sitting just in front of the first violins, I can assure you, is the best seat in the house. You can watch it all of course on line and on the red button (and watch Sir Tom, Quo et al from Hyde Park while your there).
Then it's the ARF in a strange studio somewhere in the bowels of the Salford building. Last time it was a drama studio the size of a football pitch which seemed a little excessive. Your song choice below please should you make a claim for the ARF crown. Then the briefest of hours and we are back (make up!) for Friday Night Is Music Night and back on the red button. It's more Bond and spy related tunes with the BBC Phil and a happy audience clapping their way into the weekend. I remember my parents listening to FNIMN (as we call it) on holiday in the caravan and wondering what was going on. Well today it'll be my turn to say the words (unless Kermode steals the moment) and it looks great fun.
Then to the bar.
Then the weekend and delivering child 1 back to Uni.
And then, exhausted, back to the show. A normal one with no baton on sight.
Have an enthusiastic and encouraging Friday, see you after 2,5 and 8. Good grief.


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  • Comment number 1.

    Hi, morning etc. A quick poop by I'm afraid - feet still not touching the ground with busy-ness hence the infrequent visits. Had to look in today though because, for some reason I still can't fathom, I woke up with a toon in my head this morning which I can't seem to get rid of and brings back all kinds of memories from school discos and things so I would like to nominate it as my ARFO though I know it doesn't stand a cat in hell's chance of being chosen.

    Drum roll........

    MIDNITE DYNAMO by Matchbox


    If anyone can shed any light on why this has taken up residence in my head out of the blue I'd love to hear it!

    I'll try and sneak back later though can't promise anything.

    Have fun folks!

  • Comment number 2.

    Good Morning Again -

    An ARFO?

    Have I ever requested THE BEAT by The Look? Top Tune!

    Shall I request it today?


    THE BEAT by The Look

    Have Fab Fridays everyone! Esp. in Salford!


  • Comment number 3.

    Good morning again all - sun is trying to shine but his hat is being blown around by the gusty wind; warm though.

    What a busy day, Simon! And then a uni delivery at the weekend - be good to get back to Monday for a rest!

    ARFO -


    has to be considered, I feel - but what does the NYM/W feel?

    We'll see.............


  • Comment number 4.

    Morning Simon & lovely blog people from the fair if windy city of Dublin.

    Simon have a splendid 3 show day. Hurrah for the red button.

    Have a good day everyone.


    Fields of Fire - Big Country
    Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
    Pinball Wizard - The Who

  • Comment number 5.

    What is a mauve?

  • Comment number 6.

    Mauve is a colour, Scotch Git

  • Comment number 7.

    Morning all, its all go at the moment....


  • Comment number 8.


    Jennie Wren,

    Oh. When Simon said he was wearing a mauve shirt I thought it was a reference to the material.

    Like cheesecloth.

    Or hair.

    I wonder if he's wearing a mauve tie...

  • Comment number 9.

    Si pal... We're well shaken 'ere:

    At 'oylake:

    Morning Greetings Ter ALL...

    Bingo Star 'ere...

    Ave just been ter watch the ladies golf at Royal Liverpool golf course.... Aka The Women's British Open....
    But due too strong wind play is suspended for now....
    Which brings ter mind a Bingo Star moto when it comes ter playing golf in strong wind:

    'it it 'igh... And you will cry!!!!!!

    'it it low... And watch your score go.. low!!!!!!!

    Am wondering should a walk around the course with a placard stating this most nice advice ter the talented ladies of the world???!!!!!!!


  • Comment number 10.

    ARFO? Only tune I can come up with is 'What's Going On?' - Marvin Gaye. Might be a bit serious for an opener though it is fine song.

  • Comment number 11.

    Hello again everyone

    Any of these would be good, please...


    PRETTY IN PINK ~ Psychedelic Furs

    LIVE IT UP ~ Mental as Anything

  • Comment number 12.

    Morning Simon, team, NYM and mauve-tastic bloggers,

    I hate that feeling when you're wearing special clothes for an important meeting, wedding, and you're so paranoid you'll spill something or lean against something dirty. Hope the mauve shirt survives!



    SHOUT TO THE TOP = Style Council



    Or perhaps you'd like to consider

    JOHNNY BE GOODE - Chuck Berry

  • Comment number 13.

    Morning all

    I gather I got a mention yesterday for Elvis Costello, which I didn't hear as I was going to see An audience with Stuart Maconie at Saltaire Festival, which was excellent.

    Can I suggest for ARFO




  • Comment number 14.

    Hi Simon and everyone

    A choon that is in my head for random reasons and I had to google it as I had no idea who it was by is:


    I tweeted Deebee earlier to offer a suggestion for Simon's followers as Terry's are TOGS, I suggested MOGS but apparently Simon does not like cats so a bad suggestion. Deebee offered SLOBS ( Simon's Loyal Bloggers) Any offerings?

    Oh well must press on. Still busy. This time last year was the last week in a contract where I ended up contractless for 8 weeks! Hopefully as end of October approaches I start my 3rd quarter of this maternity leave cover contract! Hope the lady likes life as a mum too much to come back as I am loving being back in a small accountancy practice as it is making me use my brain!

    Laters folks

    Mandy ;)

  • Comment number 15.

    Good Morning Each! (I think we are still just ante the meridiem)


    A bit of northern soul might be in some way apt...

    'Our Love (Is In The Pocket' by Amen Corner

    'Heaven Must Have Sent You' by The Elgins

    'Do I Love You? (Indeed I Do)' by Frank Wilson

    'Little Darling (I Need You)' by Marvin Gaye

  • Comment number 16.

    I would personally like to say thank you to all those blogpoppets that wished Jasper a Happy Birthday yesterday. My own thanks will have to suffice, I'm afraid, as Jasper himself, being a ginger Tom, and a stereotypical fiery redhead, when in receipt of said good wishes, only responded by taking a collective swipe at you all, via myself, with a well aimed sharp clawed paw. I have stopped bleeding now, and Jas has adopted a particularly smug expression.

    And he turned his beak up at tuna cake!

  • Comment number 17.

    Morning all (only just mind).

    I hope you have a lovely day in Salford, Simon. I'm hoping to catch a bit of Wittertainment on-line after 2.30 and delivering safeguarding training (& barring any Sixth Form crises).

    Will certainly tune-in on the red button for FNIMN - but it being Friday I apologise now for drooling as I doze anytime from 8.45 onwards...such a light-weight.

    ARFO - gosh, well Chris played by usual request yesterday morning so I'll go for something different:

    Ballroom Blitz - The Sweet

  • Comment number 18.

    Can I suggest

    YEAR OF THE CAT - AL STEWART (should be obvious why).

    I can identify with Jasper's response - anyone who knows cats will be well aware that the more you do for them, the less impressed they are. Don't EVER spend big money on a special cosy bed - the wretch will choose to sleep on top of the wardrobe or halfway up the stairs instead.

    Julia41 - I stand corrected on the trading status of the camping emporium I mentioned yesterday - my reports of their demise were clearly exaggerated. I'm not sure if I should congratulate or commiserate with you for having the same thought I did, though !

  • Comment number 19.

    Hello all

    suggestions for todays ARF Opener




    Enjoy the day

  • Comment number 20.

    Hope all went well yesterday, Jeffrey of Maidenhead.


  • Comment number 21.

    hi all



  • Comment number 22.

    Hi all.
    For an ARFO how about 'Do Your Thing' by Basement Jaxx?
    Suitably upbeat for the Friday feeling...

  • Comment number 23.

    #20 Jennie, I was wondering how Jeffrey had got on and if he reached double figures in his Number Ones questions.... guess we need to wait to find out!

    Something else I must look out for on TV in the future, is a doctor from our local surgery, whom I read about in the local paper, will be filming an episode of Come Dine With Me today! I don't know him, but I hope he has some fun guests!!!

  • Comment number 24.

    Afternoon !!!
    Following on from my bad night, ive just had a cheaky nap and now feel FAB
    I wonder if Simon's suit is still clean??

  • Comment number 25.

    Isn't it strange how a power nap ca really make you feel BETTER.. ;0)

    My ARFO


    Tar muchly

    The Joy Bringer...aka JT69

  • Comment number 26.

    We seem to be a bit thin on the ground. So anyone mind if I toss a few ore into the ARFO hat?




  • Comment number 27.

    Good afternoon.
    Looking forward to weekend with no inlaws and outlaws eating me out of house and home, and drinking all my gin and tonic.

    Simon on your fantastic feel good friday why not start with


    You cant have too much Ska on the radio, not enough artists roll there Rs any more I find.
    Heres to lots of car dancing by all us middle aged mods,

  • Comment number 28.

    I've just received this from a friend and I thought he could teach the Strictly contestants a thing or two!



  • Comment number 29.

    Afternoon all. So much to do, so little time....
    Three ARFOs to suggest -

    TOTO - Hold The Line


    THE MOODY BLUES - Question

  • Comment number 30.

    Good afternoon,

    ARFO CHIRPY CHIRPY CHEEP CHEEP by Middle of the Road

    Erica, Always nice to see you.x

    Billie, How rude of me not to have wished you well in your new home before now. Hope you and Mr Billie will be very happy there.

    Scotch Git, Had the very same conversation with my in-laws recently. It's a pale purple which would now be referred to as lilac.

    Amelia, Top of the afternoon to ya!

    Sal, Would never try to stop you my lovely.x

    Bingo, Suggest you simply head to the 19th hole.

    Mandy, Good question. How about DEBS - Drivetime's Excellent Bloggers.

    Paul, Give Jasper a gentle tickle behind the ears from me.

    Parsley Cat, Great minds think alike ;-)

    Must dash...

  • Comment number 31.

    Lunch taken, a nice glass of wine gently supped.....now its roll on the weekend.. :0)

    Another fab song I'd like to nominate...a belter


    Enjoy your afternoon and of the course the weekend..


  • Comment number 32.

    Hello peoples *WAVES TO ALL*-It's quiet here today.

    ARFO: LOVES GREAT ADVENTURE-Ultravox, please. Thanks.

    Work is busy and no Internet at home so Lunchtimes seem to be the only chance I get to pop in.

    I don't think I want to be a SLOB if it's all the same to you Deebee-I quite like being a BLOGPOPPET though!

    Glad the move was Ok. My moggies don't like travelling in their boxes anymore. When they were kittens, they used to come to Devon to Mr B's parents with us but we had to stop when one meowed so much on the way there, she had no voice and was opening her mouth with no sound coming out. Poor thing!

    #Jeffery# Hope all went well-Please remind us when it's on so we can watch.

    Back to doing Purchase orders and monthly reports now. Joy!

    Have good weekends all,

    Lots of love Mrs B xx

  • Comment number 33.

    No I don't know either.......but somebody must have put the extra "the" in my last post.......isn't it nice to know the spelling and punctuation are tip top... ;0)))

    Don't you just love a "new Fresh start"......

  • Comment number 34.

    JBG, Flo, Mrs Boris, Jennie, Gill W, Sir Cumfy, PofS, Autumn G and a myriad of other sweet blogpoppets/blogvets and other bloggerhythms, thank you for your lovely wishes of good luck for yesterday. I am semi-sworn to secrecy - but I can confirm that the show recorded had one of the highest single show points totals in the history of the programme (adding all 4 of us up) and therefore I didn't disgrace myself...I will let you know when its aired. I had my best togs on and a slap of BBC make up. It was in Salford not a million away from where Simon is right now and will beat ARF time. One of the answers to one of my questions (that I got right and most of you would have done too) is my ARFO selection for today:

    TWO TRIBES - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

  • Comment number 35.

    Well done Jeffrey, I'm sure you did us proud!

    Mandy/Deebee, if it's alright with you I'm happier just being a Blogger or part of the Drivetime Collective. I'm not convinced his Lordship is into more cutesy names.

    I read an article about mauve somewhere very recently (scratches head and tries to remember...). Do you know it's one of the "newest" colours and was discovered by accident and the name was made up by the scientist who created it. His discover paved the way for modern dyes to be manufactured, creating all the colours we now know and love.

    History lesson over. Class dismissed.

  • Comment number 36.

    Afternoon all

    Late arrival due to the boss being here and expecting work to be done!

    #35 JBG, I saw the article on the BBC news website yesterday, but didn't have time to read it!

    PoS- belated birthday tickles to Jasper; hope you've managed to stem the bleeding from your scratches!

    Well done Jeffrey, look forward to seeing the show.

    Billie - happy new home, hope you manage to find everything and settle in, and the cats do too!

    Good luck to everyone with their ARFOs

    Tortie x

  • Comment number 37.

    #34 Jeffrey, WELL DONE on being part of the highest total of points achieved on Mastermind, and I can't wait to watch the programme, when hopefully you will remind us nearer the time. I heard your 'breaking news' on Chris Evans' show yesterday morning and posted on here soon afterwards and I hope your song choice will be played at 5:05 tonight!!!

  • Comment number 38.

    Well done Jeffrey - I look forward to watching when it is aired.

    I, too, do not fancy being a SLOB but have no other ideas about what we could be - I quite like just being a blogger!


  • Comment number 39.

    Good afternoon all!

    Well done Jeffrey for being brave enough to go on. Look forward to watching the show when it is aired.

    Last day at work for a fortnight but someone forgot to pass on the message that such days are supposed to be spent winding down. Quick handover with the boss then will fly out the door never to be seen again. Well, for 2 weeks.

    Heard & watched a bit of the Salford show. Ren Harvieu was amazing.

    Will try to come back over the weekend but if not, have a great one whatever you are doing.


    PS Can't remember the ARFO I had intended to post. Heard it on an advert earlier in the week. Oh well.

  • Comment number 40.

    Hi all from the symmetrically challenged blogger.

    #34 Good for you Jeffrey and I'll wager you did very well indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing you win!

    Good luck to all, especially you Simon, the BBC whirling dervish.

    LB, x

  • Comment number 41.

    Jeffrey! So pleased to hear that it went well :) Can't wait to see it....

    Gutted that I didn't get to see a single second of Wittertainment :(( I don't suppose it'll be repeated on the red button. Work is poo...tle (in case of mods)

    Have a wonderful holiday Mo. I must have missed it - where are you off to? Somewhere warm & sunny I hope after months in the forzen north :)

  • Comment number 42.

    Well done Queen Flo!

  • Comment number 43.

    #41 I think I'd give it a try Autumn if were you. Sure they said it would still be available for a while.

    And Paul, give Jasper some plain cooked turkey. I'm sure the wee man deserves some! (At this point I see, in my mind, Paul giving me an old fashioned look. Go on Paul , you know it makes sense. ;¬ ) )

  • Comment number 44.

    #42 thanks Lilac Blue! That was a big surprise... I didn't think I'd have one of my mine played today, but perhaps I stood a better chance (like everyone else who posted today), because there were fewer messages with song choices... and it's my fourth ARFO, so I'd better stop for a while! x

  • Comment number 45.

    Well done to our very own Flo Queen!!

    Work getting in the way a bit for me just now. Good man Jeffrey for Mastermind. I look forward to watching the programme.

    Ouch Paul, on Jasper the mini Lion front.

    Off to flop.................catch you later.

    Shona X

  • Comment number 46.

    Well done Queen Flo - you look splendid with your crown sparkling!

    Have great evenings and weekends all.


  • Comment number 47.

    Im HOME!!!
    Had a wonderful tea time with Deebee and Zoe at Salford Quays. Just watching the red button now.
    Dear Lance... The second time you sing the line, its 'MY RUNNING AROUND IS THROUGH' (slapped wrist and no rice pudding for you)

  • Comment number 48.

    Awww... *smiles*...thanks so much Shona and Jennie...

    I shall wear it with pride! x

  • Comment number 49.

    Congrats Flo. A 4-time queen. Wow!

    Am also watching the red button - music is lovely but banter is missing.

  • Comment number 50.


    On the train home after a fab day in Salford. Lovely to meet Zoe and attend the Wittertainment special with her, and it was a bonus to meet Gill and her family afterwards for supper. The show was fantastic - very glad I went all that way! Autumn_Gale #41 I think both the afternoon and evening shows will be available on the red button - so do not despair!

    Well done to Queen Florence for the ARFO! Which song was played?


  • Comment number 51.

    Good evening,

    No prizes for guessing what I'm watching right now.

    Well congratulations to Queen Flo!

    Well done to Jeffrey too. Can't wait to see the show.

    Hiya Deebee! Been thinking about you and your mini blog meet all day. Glad to hear you had a nice time. Have a safe journey. Can you comment on the colour of our Esteemed Leader's shirt? The one I'm looking at looks decidedly blue to me, not lilac. Maybe he had one of those accidents JBG was referring to earlier today.

    Have a lovely evening one and all.x

  • Comment number 52.

    Oops! I take that back - our Esteemed Leader's shirt now looks cerise. Maybe the tubes in our ancient telly need time to warm up. Trouble is it doesn't get much use because I spend most of my time listening to the radio.

    Looking forward to the return of the Mac. Hope its sometime soon. Katy, if you're lurking - I really miss seeing you hear. Also, where's Mr Snapper hiding? H, I know you lurk from time to time. I am missing your naughtiness.

  • Comment number 53.

    Glad to hear the mini blog meet with Gill, Zoe and Deebee went well. Wish I could have been there too! And a little birdie told me that Simon prefers Deeb's Sunday name;) Oh to know him so well! X

    Loved hearing the James Bond themes tonight too. Well done Sirs Simon and Mark (and the orchestra). Missed the link why they played one of my all time favourite movie theme tunes though - "Where Eagles Dare" ?

    Answers on a postcard please. X

  • Comment number 54.

    Hi Deebee - glad you had a great day.

    Getting to see some of Wiitertainment during the interval of FNIMN - looks like a fun afternoon!

    On the subject of OHMSS - I totally agree with Dr K. As terrible as George Lazenby is, I wonder whether it's a good thing that Sean Connery didn't do it - I'm not sure he could have pulled it off either.

  • Comment number 55.

    Julia, have a look at this gallery. Shirt definitely not blue or cerise.


    It's odd hearing Simon and Mark being so polite to one another!

  • Comment number 56.

    Thanks Autumn_Gale, Deebee and Julia and the first record played was 'Pretty in Pink' by the Psychedelic Furs and towards the end of the programme, Matt sounded happy and said his Friday was made, hearing the Psychedelic Furs and the Vapors (Turning Japanese), so that was pleasing to know as I like Matt... he seems such a good laugh and he has a good laugh!!

    Deebee, I'm pleased that you, Zoe and Gill had a nice afternoon in Salford and hopefully I can watch the show, later, on the red button.

    Julia, I am also looking forward to seeing Jeffrey on Mastermind and I also hope Katy will come back soon, because she is missed and I don't yet have a crown! :o(


  • Comment number 57.

    Lol, cherub wants to know 'has the smoke alarm gone off'?, No dear its just the interval :-)

  • Comment number 58.

    smee, have just looked at the photos from this afternoon on the link you provided. On image 8 you can see Zoe and Deebee !!!!

  • Comment number 59.

    #55 Smee, Looking at your link, Simon's shirt looks like the colour 'red stallion' on the Dulux colour chart! :o))


  • Comment number 60.

    I meant also to add that in Smee's link to the picture shown below, Simon looks like he'd been for a manicure because his nails look well groomed with neat white tips! ;o)


  • Comment number 61.

    Julia ! I dont think theres anything wrong with your TV, he had 2 different coloured shirts. During the FNIMN intermission, the red button showed highlights from this afternoon, hence the change of colour :-)

  • Comment number 62.

    Ah! Thanks for that Gill. Serves me right for trying to watch and blog at the same time. Well spotted on Deebs and Zoe!

    Smee, Many thanks for the photos link.

    Now. Is it my telly or does Mark Kermode look like Stan Ogden?

  • Comment number 63.

    Just realised you can see our ladies on image 3 also :-)

  • Comment number 64.

    hi was listerning at work to the bond night thing watching it on the red button now,yesterday i saw the hyde park thing would liked to have gone to that but wasnt going to pay 100 pounds to see it when its on the red button.

    florence ive posted the vid of your arfo on the blogpoppet page on fb.

    talking about the hyde park concert what happened to norah jones on the ads thay mentioned her but she wasnt there that might be why rebecca ferguson was on as she was the last to be confirmed for the day.

    gazza x

  • Comment number 65.

    Good morning all -looks bright out there and forecast is good.

    I found this ARFO crown from a few months back Queen Flo - sorry it's not a Katy original!!


    Hope it will do for the time being!!


  • Comment number 66.

    Good morning,

    Well done Jennie. I think the crown is just gawjus.

    Lovely bright sunny day here. Bit different to the weather 12 years ago when it absolutely tipped it down all day as I married Mr 41 (39 actually). No time to celebrate because Big Girl is on the Rainbow Guides float in the Wickford carnival.

    Really enjoyed the Bond thing last night. Well done BBC.

  • Comment number 67.

    #66 - I can't take any credits for the crown - it was a Katy design from a few months back and I just c and p'd it!

    Happy anniversary for you and Mr 41 (39 actually) and have fun at the Wickford carnival. It looks like it will be a good day for it!


  • Comment number 68.

    #65 THANKS SO MUCH Jennie for my crown and I don't mind not having an original!

    :o) x

  • Comment number 69.

    Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs 41 !! (39 actually)

    Woke up in the middle of the night with 'Thunderball' playing in my head. Can't think why.
    Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

  • Comment number 70.

    Good Morning All

    Happy Anniversary to Julia and husband! Must be a good day for weddings, as we're going to one today - the daughter of some friends of ours. Must admit it makes me feel a bit old, attending friends' children's weddings. Hope it doesn't give my two any ideas - I'm far too young to be mother of the bride (not!)

    Strong coffee required this morning, in order for me to be all bright and breezy by 1 o'clock. I didn't get home till midnight last night. Had a lovely day though, and I'm looking forward to reliving it later via the red button.

    #51 Julia, I think cerise is a good description of the colour of Simon's shirt. Colours sometimes look different on TV to how they are in "real life". He may also have changed it for the evening.

    #64 Gazza, I wondered that about Norah Jones. I assumed I'd misheard "Tom" for "Norah" although actually that does seem a bit unlikely! Maybe she was on the original lineup but had to cancel for some reason.

    Writing this on my fruity tablet, and I've just realised I've lost the 'preview' button. So apologies for any errors...


  • Comment number 71.

    Good Morning All

    What a beautiful day here - perfect for a wedding! Hope the weather is nice for the wedding you are going to Deebee.

    Happy Anniversary Julia. Hope you have a lovely day ;)

    I really enjoyed the Bond tunes et al last night too - thank you Radio 2

    Off to do a spot of shopping in town.

    Have nice days one and all.

    Shona X

  • Comment number 72.

    Good day to all the bloggers of the drive time collective :-)! Loving Shona's new name - I think I'd need to become "Occasional blogger Perfect Circle!". The new term has left me precious little time for tune choosing, etc.

    Very glad to read about Debbie, Gill and Zoe's fantastic day out at Wittertainment. I am a tiny bit jealous. Mind you, I'm sick of listening to Amelia whinging about having to go to that dratted job interview in Dublin instead!

    Simon's Parade tune choosing theme came a few days early for me. I'm currently in a state of nerves about taking part in the homecoming parade for Jason Smyth - the fastest paralympian on the planet; aka "The Usain Bolt of the Paralympics". His mum rang school yesterday to invite me to take part. I gather I'm holding an Olympic torch on the float with his 3 remaining grandparents. Not entirely sure what will happen, but I'm sure it will be exciting! Amelia changed her plans once she heard about this and is now going to come along and have me glare at her if she attempts to provide photographic evidence of my participation, hehe!

    Have a great day all. :-)

  • Comment number 73.

    Meant to congratulate Florence on her choice of Pretty in Pink. I was driving to Tesco for some purely medicinal and nerve calming gin when it was played. I absolutely adore that song, and used to watch the film a lot too!!

  • Comment number 74.

    Afternoon to everyone. What a good show last night on the red button (or Channel 301). Great tunes, great vocals and enough of the afternoon show to complete the full picture.

    Difficult to watch Lance without thinking of his father and the Goon Show, which takes us back to Peter Sellers and Hard Day's Night in the syle of Richard III from Thursday - what a magnificent idea that was. Wish I'd thought of it.

    And so, with the aid of a portable volcano net and a calibrated Turkish boot-lathe, it's time for me to go. Needle, nardle, noo...

  • Comment number 75.

    Oh Goodness, it is quiet on here today. Soooo looking forward to Dr Who again later but much to do before then.

    #74 What on earth is a portable volcano net Parsley_cat? And a callibrated Turkish boot-lathe? I dread to think what you have been doing today ;)

    Have nice evenings each

  • Comment number 76.

    Certainly is quiet, Shona. If everyone was like us, we got outside to make the most of the late summer sunshine. It has been glorious today - we spent a few hours watching the few fish we have left and spotting lots of tiny, baby fish so there is hope yet. I just hope we are not fattening up more herons' breakfasts!

    Forgot to tell the tale of the little squirrel who came into the garden the other day, to stock up on the birds' peanuts.

    He filled up his cheeks and then went off to bury them in the garden. He was back within a few minutes and then, for no apparent reason, he launched himself straight into the pond! It is a bit green at the moment, as a result of the warm weather, so whether he thought it was grass or not, I don't know. But when his front paws hit the water, he flipped around and came straight back out again, with only his head and front paws wet.

    He shook himself, looked around as if to say "No-one saw that did they?" and went back to nut burying!

    Have great evenings all

  • Comment number 77.

    big day next week

  • Comment number 78.


    How tired does one have to be to qualify for exhaustion?

    How many boxes have been unpacked?

    How many boxes are still to be unpacked?

    Who owns this stuff?

    This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife.

    Where is my large Automobile?

    How do I work this?

    It is not a shotgun shack.

    How did I get here?

    Same as it ever was.
    Same as it ever was.
    Same as it ever was.

  • Comment number 79.


  • Comment number 80.

    lol Billie, anything you havent unpacked in the first year BIN!
    Failing that - Bin the lot, start again :-)
    Is anyone else awake at this ungodly hour?

  • Comment number 81.

    Stop fretting Gazz, embrace the new decade and it will be great! we will celebrate your day when we are in Sheffeild wether your with us or not.
    tired now, should really try sleeping again.

  • Comment number 82.

    Good morning one and all - no sunshine as yet but warm

    Cyril the squirrel is busy nut-burying again - does he not realise the price of peanuts??

    Have good days all


  • Comment number 83.

    #75 - Shona - not a listener to Goon Shows, then ? These came from 'The Phantom Head Shaver of Brighton' episode - amazing what you can find via popular internet search engines !

    Looks like Billie has been under stress, too - see #78. Randomly quoting song lyrics -always a worrying sign.

  • Comment number 84.

    Good Morning All

    It's chuckin' it down!

  • Comment number 85.

    Morning Billie,

    I think I count with Jenny as the 'all'. Very quiet again - Sunday morning and we haven't even broken the hundred yet.

    It's dry here (Central Lancs) so far, but that is due to change very soon.

    How is your beautiful house etc ?

  • Comment number 86.

    The rain has arrived as promised. Damn those met office people - got the forecast right again.

  • Comment number 87.

    Morning to those who are around. Feeling very virtuous as I've managed to drag myself out for a run for the first time in months - trying a new programme as recommended by John of this parish.

    Going to see George Michael in Birmingham tonight. I've never seen him live so I'm looking forward to it.

    Hope the unpacking goes well Billie. Does the house need much work?

  • Comment number 88.

    You didn't fancy The Great North Run then Autumn_Gale?


  • Comment number 89.

    Jennie - my goal is to work up to 5km - if I can manage that I'll be thrilled. Generally speaking, I'm built for comfort....... I'll never be a 'runner' but as far as exercise goes, it works for me surprisingly.

  • Comment number 90.

    Like me - built for comfort, not for speed! But I'm hoping some of the 'comfort' will be going soon with the new eating regime! Good luck with your running!

    Squirrel update - he has now been joined by another and they are chasing each other away from the peanut supplies; along the fence and up the tree, with enormous speed and agility, tails flicking furiously. Funny to watch.....


  • Comment number 91.

    Good afternoon All

    Liking the squirrel stories Jennie:) They must be fun to watch.

    Thanks for clearning that up Parsley_cat.

    Good luck with the unpacking Billie. Isn't it amazing how much stuff we collect over the years.

    A tad wet here today and a poorly doggie too. Nothing too serious, just a dodgy tummy but he's getting plenty of hugs -oh and a bath.

    Gazza, if I could turn back time......................to be your age again. It will be a painless process moving in to a new decade. I promise.

  • Comment number 92.

    Good Afternoon All;

    Sorry I haven't had time to pop in sooner, it'a all go here!

    In no particular order...

    Jeffrey - Glad to hear it all went well with Mastermind. I'll look out for your ep airing. :-)

    Billie - I hope you and Mr Pepper (and your cats!) are settling nicely into your new home, unpacking aside.

    Florence - Well done on being crowned ARFO Queen for the 4th time!!!!

    Jennie - We have a squirrel (or 2) here, I think they've been burying, and digging up nuts, we have lots of little holes in our lawn.

    Autumn Gale - Hope you enjoy seeing George Michael, he's just been tweeting about the concert in Birmingham.

    Julia & Mr - I hope you had a lovely wedding anniversary.

    Perfect Circle - I'm glad you got to be a part of Jason Smyth's celebration, I'm guessing it was a special day for all concerned. :-)

    I think that's everything, apologies if I've missed anything.

    I had an absolutely lovely time on Friday, it was great to finally meet Deebee and Gill in person, and to spend time with Gill's lovely family. The Bond Special was amazing, and I loved every minute of it. It was a privilege to be there, so thanks again to Deebee for making it possible. We did manage to have a brief chat with Simon, and I did get to shake his hand, but I completely forgot to ask for a photo, until it was too late... D'oh! Oh well, nevermind, I'm definitely going to try to get tickets for when Wittertainment is in Sheffield, so maybe I'll get a second chance.

    I'm gearing up for a trip to London on Tuesday now, where I'll finally get to meet my friend from Holland, who I've been chatting to on-line for 5 years. It's a very exciting time!

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. x

  • Comment number 93.

    hi all

    im bored last few days in my 20s before i get to the big 30 x

  • Comment number 94.

    Are you sure you arent a teenager Gazza?

  • Comment number 95.

    Evening people of the blog

    I can confirm that perfect circle was indeed atop a float yesterday with a multiple gold medal winning paralympian. Things I never thought I would say or indeed see!

    Zoe - have a fantastic time on Tuesday. You must be so excited.

    Jeffrey - really looking forward to your Mastermind appearance. Do remember to remind us!

    Queen Flo - congratulations, great ARFO choice!

    Billie - hope unpacking is going well - always such hard work.

    Gazza - really, I’d assumed you were at least 59?

    Autumn_Gale - hope gig is good tonight and impressed with the running. Rain stopped play with me today!

    Anyone I have missed - hope you had good weekends.

    Finally got a chance to listen to Wittertainment. It was of course quite splendid. Sony gold material indeed. I love how all the usual joyous wittering continues on big occasions like this (Simon to Mark “shut your face” and “you shameless tart” ). I am so pleased that Deebee, excuse me Deborah & Zoe had a great time. Good to see them in the pics and I think I spotted them when watching.

    I’m sure no else noticed that Simon almost gave out the radio 2 text number. I also laughed at the poor first violinist; his attempt at humour went the same way mine tends to - “do you expect me to talk?”

    Ren Harvieu was fantastic. Her version of Nobody Does it Better was amazing. Astonishing that this was the first time she has sung with a orchestra. It is one of my favourite songs (which is why it crops up in my oldies selection so often).

    The red button has a combined highlights show at the moment. I think it might be wittertainment only in the morning, hopefully anyway.

    This weeks Doctor Who - meh, I really cant decide if I enjoyed it or not. Lots of standing round for Amy with the odd meaningful line. It felt like a half decent story in need of a decent editor.

    Now if someone can explain to me how it got to this time on Sunday!!!!

  • Comment number 96.

    Evening All

    Quietish day here following a couple of busy ones. We enjoyed the wedding - just made one slight faux pas though. It hadn't occurred to us that we would have to pay for our drinks at the reception and we'd only brought £5 between us... luckily we had two drinks apiece bought for us, but then we felt a bit embarrassed that we couldn't buy a round so we made a discreet exit... It's a while since we've been to a wedding so clearly we're not up on current etiquette.

    #87 Autumn_Gale, hope you enjoy George Michael.

    #92 Zoe, you are very welcome - it was lovely to have your company for the show! Yes, shame about the photo - fingets crossed you get a chance at the Sheffield Wittertainment special.

    #93 Gazza, remind me - is it the day before or the day after Simon's? It's a while since we've had a blog party...


  • Comment number 97.

    #95 Hi Amelia - I got interrupted composing my post, and you snuck in. Yes we did notice that Simon nearly gave out the R2 number - we were discussing that very point at supper afterwards. Still, it's not as bad as the occasion some years ago when he gave out his home number by mistake. And then made it worse by saying "oh no, that's my home number..."


  • Comment number 98.

    Evening all! A quiet day for me after all the excitement of yesterday.
    Am currently trying to motivate myself to go and make chilli con carne for tomorrow's dinner. If I don't get up soon, I'll have to miss Downton Abbey.

    I haven't enjoyed any of this season's Doctor Who episodes - although the first one with the Daleks had some good moments. I miss Russell T and David Tennant, I think. Strictly kept me entertained last night, though. I am looking forward muchly to this series. Some interesting pairings...

  • Comment number 99.


    7.30 on a Sunday Evening! Not our normal Sunday! Where did that Sunday go? Going to get into repetitions of last night - "This is not my house" etc.

    Thankyou for all your good wishes - in fact - it has all gone rather splendidly - and we've just walked round admiring what we've achieved. We have a big problem with water pressure which means our washing machine is in the middle of the kitchen floor and the top is off the water cystern (sp?) but those problems are not insurmountable..

    Apologies for not being au fait with all bloggings' going ons. Lovely to hear that Gill & Family met Zoe & Deebee & Simon. Good Luck to Jennie & Autumn G on their new regimes.

    Gazza - love you - the best age - is the one you are now and the age you're going to be and the age you're going to be in the future. I would not change a thing. With age comes wisdom and an acceptance of what you are - what one is - and one blooms. One recognises one's own strengths and weaknesses. One becomes more rounded. It's good. I'm 64 - in case you didn't know! Ha!

    Problem now - I'm going to KB for an hour or so - which shows how settled we are - and we're having a makeshift supper from the freezer involving Roast Beef but tinned pots & Bistro Gravy! Ha! But Mr. Russell Davies will join us at 9 - all cravated - and we only have 2 plates! Ha!

  • Comment number 100.

    #100 ?


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