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Put the headphones on

Simon Mayo | 10:15 UK time, Wednesday, 5 September 2012

And good day to you too. Another sparkling September morning here. Back door open, shorts being considered (not by me I hasten to add). Family stirring. Last day of hols for child 3 and so a last chance to watch tv and eat chips. The newly-bought and pristine uniform is in the drawer and ready to go but it's jeans and t-shirt just one more time.

And for me, after a summer off, the school run beckons again. The tangled rat run I follow is a well worn groove by now but these lazy months (blogging in pyjamas for heavens sake) have been an indulgence.

Top BBC meeting yesterday with Hyde Park producers and Jo Whiley, prepping for Sunday. The line-up is top-notch, the weather looks as though it will be fantastic, so it'll be just down to Jo and I to not mess up. Make up and wardrobe obviously will need to be in attendance for those red button moments. Any bloggers coming? Banners needed!

Today we mosh for the new term with the return of the bloggers favourite Dr Mosh (Chris and Lynn Bowles really should give it a go) and we need oldies please for the return of MR AND MRS to television. Cue hilarious embarrassment as husbands and wives reveal how little they know about each other etc. Derek Batey is the host I remember from school days I think. This is a celeb version (of course) but the principle remains the same (I assume).

Have a smiley and energised Wednesday.


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