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Positive Thinking

Simon Mayo | 08:34 UK time, Tuesday, 14 August 2012

And a good morning to you, bloggers old and new, cheery and weary, working and resting. Whatever was aid yesterday, it is today that feels...you know...well...how shall I put it...normal. Ordinary. Plain. Standard. Regular. Routine (ok you have a thesaurus, move on). On top of that, it's Tuesday-universally acknowledged (with respect to Jamie's jazz show) the least exciting day of the week. But here's the thing; I like normal (ordinary, plain, standard etc). Because if you can make the 'normal' days good then you're laughing. The 'ordinary' is where most of us are, most of the time so if you can make that enjoyable, even Tuesdays can sparkle. Plus the 'it's later than you think' mentality that is a middle age trait soon kicks in. I'm back to the Courtyard Hounds 'Fear of Wasted Time' song again and I've written about that before. 'Wasted Time' by The Eagles on Hotel California does the same thing, so now I'm all set to be unbearable today.
The show should have its share of fairy dust sprinkled as Keane play live. I know we promised that a while back but this time it really should happen. Really really. Their song Sovereign Light Cafe is a real highlight of the playlist I think and their album Strangeland is their fifth consecutive number one. Proper grown up music for grown up people. With melody and class, that kind of thing. And just because it will produce some fine songs, lets do KEEN and ENTHUSIASTIC oldies.
Have a positive and eager Tuesday (it is possible). See you after 5.


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