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Back to the shopping centre

Simon Mayo | 08:16 UK time, Thursday, 9 August 2012

Well the sunshine is out and the man is saying 27 degrees. Can this be right? Well sounds good to me - we have our last Olympic Drivetime today live from the park and everything seems set fair.

Weymouth was great fun and 'learning to sail' with Pippa Wilson a real highlight. There is something about a gold medal winner. Even if the aura is entirely of our own making, everyone feels it. When people realised who Pippa was they reacted with wonder and real delight.

The catamaran was a beautiful boat and even though I hadn't sailed for decades, it felt wonderful to be back on board. Particularly when you knew Pippa was in charge. There's not a lot of sailing in my neck of the woods but given half the chance.

And what an opportunity for the lucky folk on the beach in Weymouth - all the sailing is free! It's just there for the duration of the Olympics and run by volunteers - a great way to get introduced to the ways of the sea.

The silver medals of Ian Percy and Andrew Simpson were something to behold too. So heavy! They still seemed a tad dejected by their last-gasp failure to win the gold; to lose in the last few metres of the last race of ten must be a sucker-punch. But as they both mentioned, in time they'll realise how great their achievement was and the silver will glitter and glow with their other awards.

And entirely incidentally, there is a healthy, suntanned, piratical glow to all our sailors-who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

Our interminable journey back was aided by producer Mark's pack of cards which meant poker (never played before) and cheat (really quite good). The chinese takeaway was a surprising addition and stank the carriage out but no one seemed to care.

Today we are back where we started at the Olympic Park and looking forward, amongst other delights, to the breakfast show's Vassos Alexander confession.

And our oldies should be for RECORD BREAKERS. The GB team are record breakers, there are many individual record breakers so let's give the whole lot of them a fine musical selection of tunes (what finer tribute-never mind the open-top bus).

Have a consistent and steadfast Thursday, see you after 5.


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