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Au. Atomic number 79. Melting point 1064 degrees C

Simon Mayo | 08:33 UK time, Thursday, 2 August 2012

Morning bloggers.

Firstly apologies for the record breaking lateness of yesterday's blog which delayed somewhat your participation in yesterday's show. It was written at the normal time but got stuck in the Olympic slow lane. Hopefully this won't be happening again! Systems are in place, meetings have been held etc. Keep calm etc.

The rest of yesterday went rather well however. Our viewpoint in the old Admiralty building was extraordinary with Nelson in one window and Horseguards Parade, No 10 Downing St and Big Ben in the other. The only frustration was not being allowed to take pictures but hopefully the show was descriptive enough. We'll be back there next week and we look forward to walking the maze-like corridors of power again. I believe that if you get lost in there, it can be many years before anyone sees you again.

And what a day it was with gold medals at last and more victories in the sitting down sports that we do rather well in. It has to be BRADLEY WIGGINS oldies doesn't it? And having done Tour de France oldies a while back maybe we avoid Queen and Kraftwerk for now. And Chris has been modding it up too so let's have some tunes for Sir Bradley asap.

So after much triumphing, medaling and podiuming (anything can be a verb you know), our show comes today from another of the big screen areas by Tower Bridge and London's City Hall, home of the high-wire mayor. Wander past, buy us an ice-cream. You're not that far away really.

Have a well-balanced and nutritionally perfect Thursday, see you after 5.



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