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Cracking a Smile

Simon Mayo | 08:46 UK time, Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ridiculously early in a hotel room in Manchester. Here to talk Blockbusters on 5 Live and then Breakfast TV. On 10 minutes sleep, the make up artist will need to be hard at work, and very soon. One night in a hotel is always a recipe for disaster, whether they provide you with a chocolate on your pillow or not. And they didn't. But I have got a range of hand creams and eye masks to choose from. There's crisps for £8.95, water for £5 and a selection of tv channels which look unhelpful. Time for breakfast I think.
Back to Radio 2 for another lovely Drivetime and because it's 2Day tomorrow, Nigel cooks today. He's offering an asparagus gratin tonight which has got Sally excited but doesn't get my pulse racing. Except that Nige makes everything wonderfully so an education awaits, especially as the asparagus harvest has been a washout this year.
Enjoyed the windy dinosaur oldies yesterday, thanks for all the suggestions! Today, after the Queens speech is supposed to be family friendly,let's go for FAMILY FRIENDLY oldies.
Have a well thought through and logical Wednesday, see you after 5


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