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All welcome

Simon Mayo | 10:06 UK time, Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday! A good word. A positive, optimistic word. And a two hour all-requester at the end of the day. Shall we go for a BIG SIXTIES OPENER? I think we shall. Sixties only please, so get your jaunty Brian Matthew hats on and see what you come up with.
And welcome to all new bloggers. I am imagining that from our new 200,000 listeners (apparently) there may well be some new bloggers too. I see new names popping up and it is good to see you there; pop in regularly for some good conversation, show discussion and the awarding of ceremonial hats. A unique service I believe and offered nowhere else.
Yesterday's media tartery has gone (for the record Sky and Eamonn lovely, most of the Loose Women lovely also. And I got to say 'non-seqitur' on TV. Whats more, I think I used it correctly). Today it is just radio all the way. Some 5 first. Todays movie guest is the director and writer of The Raid a new head-crunching action/martial arts film. It's filmed in Indonesia, it is about Indonesian crooks and cops, so obviously it is directed by a Welshman. He is Gareth Evans and he will explain more today...
Then it is ARF time and that's where you come in...
Have a confident and procrastination-free Friday. See you after 2&5


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