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We're Going On An Egg Hunt...

Simon Mayo | 07:57 UK time, Thursday, 5 April 2012

Hail to the fine and hearty of the blog. Getting to the computer as the house fills up can be a struggle-I'm having to get up earlier just to type these few words. Every room seems to be full of someone or other. We'd got used to fewer, now we are bursting at the seams. And that's before the eggs are consumed. I was on the egg search yesterday, trying to match the correct treat with the appropriate family member-and what a racket the whole thing is. This section of the shop was like the toy store at Christmas; elbows out, heads down and charge. White chocolate with cocoa nibs and walnut? Over there...90% cocoa with a marmalade and saffron gel? That shelf there...Oh you want a swiss chocolate egg enrobed in chilli and salt from Mesopotamia and and sprinkled with cocoa shavings, hand carved with madam's name? Join the queue. I'm sure the garage on the way home would have sufficed. I'm happy with sherbet lemons in case you were asking.
But I do think EASTER EGG or CHOCOLATE oldies might work. It's clear from the confession earlier in the week that eggs are being consumed all the time, particularly your children's. I'm off next week so this is as close as we come to Easter on the oldies front and CHOCOLATE seems to work. Granted we won't get to play any of Bach's St John Passion but our new friends at Radio 3 might help you out there. Let the musical egg hunt begin...
Nigel today is talking Happy Veal Escalope. I had never eaten veal until this show came along but Nigel reassures me that rose (can't find my accents but assume it's there) veal is happy veal and I can rest assured all is well.
And everyones sympathies to blogger Jilly. I can't write out poems here because of copyright issues but if you can find a book called Benedictus, A Book Of Blessings by John O'Donohue, you might find something appropriate.
Meantime a military-style plan is afoot to hide cheap and nasty eggs in the soil of the estate. The kids will go looking but doubtless the mangey fox will get them first. Ho hum.
Have a well-rounded and encouraging Thursday, see you after 5


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