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Here Comes the Weekend

Simon Mayo | 09:16 UK time, Friday, 9 March 2012

And Friday greetings to all bloggers. Child 2 to exams, child 3 to exams, parents to the bunker. Thanks for all the 2Day thoughts and music policy observations. There's nothing like a Radio 2-based discussion to get the juices (and blog posts) flowing! Who knows where it all ends up but I (at least) have read and will pass on. These projects have a life of their own of course and meetings will be held, minutes taken. Committees set up. You know how it goes.
2 show Friday here so a jaunt to 5 Live (in the crumbly, unloved remains of Television Centre) for 2 hours of film chat with Mark and Marky Mark Wahlberg who stars in Contrabrand, a new action thriller. He's had quite a life already (Mark W not Mark K) with New Kids, solo career, prison and now movie stardom. up for review, amongst other films, will be John Carter (the 'of Mars' bit appears to have been dropped!) and the new R Patz flick Bel Ami.
Then to R2 for the all-conquering ARF and the ARF crown waiting to be claimed. Thrill us one more time with that brilliant, pulse-racing opening tune...
Have an extraordinary and memorable (in a good way) Friday, see you at 2&5.


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