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Deus Ex Machina

Simon Mayo | 08:17 UK time, Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hey guess what kids! I actually enjoyed being a teacher! Not that for one moment I imagine my talk to 200 11-13 year olds was typical of the lot of the modern teacher but for an hour the kids in Ilford and I were exploring life's unpredictable highway. And I found it rather fun. Maybe it's in the genes after all. Another school tomorrow morning-I'll be a deputy head by Thursday.
Yesterday's show was rather hair-raising as we we appeared to have (as Sting and co. might say) a ghost in the machine. And this ghost was determined to adjust the levels on microphones-and always downwards. Our brave engineering staff had to wrestle with said poltergeist to keep us audible and decent. Levels would be set and then change while we were watching-the spirit of a disgruntled studio manager (can there be such a thing?) must be possessing the studio. We must call for Rev Roger Royle to come and work his magic. Or, as we had to do last night, move studios in the middle of a show. Hopefully you wouldn't have noticed thanks to our top engineering staff. Keep calm and carry on indeed.
Today we welcome comedy writer and novelist John O'Farrell to the show. John wrote for Spitting Image, Have I Got New For You and Alas Smith and Jones. Then he turned to novels (May Contain Nuts) and non-fiction (Things Can Only Get Better:Eighteen Miserable Years in the Life of a Labour Supporter takes some beating) with great success. His new book is 'The Man Who Forgot His Wife' and John is always a good guest. From 6.
And oldies today? Well how about the DROUGHT ? Hosepipe bans on the way, exhortations to share showers and use your bath water to do the washing up in. Or something like that. DROUGHT and HOSEPIPE BAN oldies please to sprinkle over our Drivetime lawn tonight.
Have a youthful and spring-like Tuesday. See you after 5.


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