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What's that sound?

Simon Mayo | 08:31 UK time, Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Apologies first of all for the blog problems of recent days. Usually things work smoothly but just occasionally, Prof Gremlin meets Dr Glitch and they hang out for a while and hey presto... Thank you for your patience, hopefully things have been calmer today.
Yesterday was spent buying clothes with someone else's cheque book. I recommend it. It's very good therapy, when in a perpetual slobby mode. A tv role appears on the horizon (somewhat surprisingly) which will become known shortly but suffice to say, a few nice suits appear to be required. And shoes. Very nice shoes. These will not be on display today which is dress-down Tuesday.
This morning is a rush to chat to Viggo Mortenson who plays Sigmund Freud in 'A Dangerous Method', then a screening of 'Safe House' which is the new Denzil Washington movie (apologies for the luvvie nature of this blog, but today is a luvvie day essentially). Then, with a sigh of relief, back to Radio 2 for some lovely music and chat. Today we have live music from Raul Malo. And Raul Malo live is a thing to behold. He's in the UK as part of the 'Transatlantic Sessions' event and releasing a solo live album, recorded a few days before his last appearance on the show.
Now tunes today please on the theme of DEADLINES. It is deadline transfer day in football and (so Moira is telling us) tax self assessment deadline day. "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound as they go by" said the much missed Douglas Adams and we all have them in one form or another. They either focus the mind or drive you mad but our life is full of them. Deadline tunes please!
Have a stress free and yet punctual Tuesday. See you after 5


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