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The best thing since...

Simon Mayo | 09:27 UK time, Monday, 5 December 2011

Be with you in a minute.
I'm just watching some footage of Bruuuuuuuce Springsteen playing with Bob Seger at Madison Square Gardens last week. Old Time Rock'n'Roll. It's really great stuff And only 5 minutes or so. It's putting me in a classic rock kind of mood. It doesn't take much to be honest but the sight of these two esteemed gentlemen of ROCK parading themselves to such acclaim must give us all some heart. Even though it is hard to advocate the use of a headband, at any age.
A few bloggers in place for last night's charity do in Stratford with Danny Boyle talking about Millions (which we showed) and all his other films. It really is something to sit next to a (oscar-winning) director as his film is playing. You really have to like it and laugh at all the right places. Fortunately, it is a terrific film and I laughed at the same time as Danny did anyway. I suggested he recreate the throwing-money-around scene in the Olympics opening ceremony, for which he has responsibility. He wasn't convinced. Which is good thing.
Child 3's birthday saw the 5 Mayos together and eating in his favourite Portuguese chicken-based restaurant, followed by "Hugo" in 3D which was, for the second time, magnificent. I knew I might be in trouble when the a well known retailers ad had me welling up. I hadn't seen it before but had heard of its reputation. But there are a few moments in Hugo which will slay even the hardest heart. And so it was with me, even on second showing. And the man who plays George Melies (can't get the accents on this keyboard but it's an acute then a grave on the 2 es) is Sir Ben Kingsley and our guest tonight from 6.
And songs please about BREAD and BAKING in general. This is because there is a show on tonight called "The Big Bread Experiment" which has at its heart, the idea that there is an almost mystical quality of the LOAF. It's disguised as a reality show but it's a love song to BREAD, so let us sing along.
Have a reassuring and cheery Monday, see you after 5


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