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Dads are great

Simon Mayo | 08:08 UK time, Monday, 19 December 2011

Good grief it's cold. I know, winter and all that but there's a certain chill you wake to that lets you know the boiler is in trouble. Every radiator cold, every room icy. Bother and darn that thing (or words to that effect). So before Chris had played his 'big screen belter' (6.45 for you late risers) I'd been on all fours under the boiler trying to remember what the guy said to do last time this happened. Something about switching it on and then off again. Or was that the computer? Turned out the broadband had died as well anyway so I switched everything I could find off and then back on again. And slowly-and in the case of child 1's radiator, imperceptibly- everything sprung to life. I know the grateful family with show their appreciation in the traditional manner.

I spent most of Saturday in the car picking up child 1 from university, which meant a 5 hour trip there through snow, blizzard and hail. Then a 3 and a half hour return through sun rain and rainbows. And the journey back eased by "Pick of the Pops" and marvelling at how 1988 sounded older than 1968. Yesterday was carol service time and we dinged and donged quite merrily thank you very much. The mince pie quota is already exceeded however and re-balancing measures must be taken. Soup only.

We have some live festive tunes this week and first up is Smith and Burrows who have the best new Christmas album of the year in "Funny Looking Angels". This is Tom Smith from Editors and Andy Burrows who was with Razorlight and I Am Arrows who played on the show last year. I saw them play last week and it's a great show, I hope you like them-on after 6 of course.

We have Christmas confessions all this week and oldies today please inspired by THE RELATIVES. Yes the extended family in all it's glory/gruesomeness. You'll be visiting them or they'll be visiting you very soon. Bless them all. Songs for the family then and all will be well.

Have a well-wrapped and vitamin-filled Monday, see you after 5.


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