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Cold and Frozen

Simon Mayo | 09:13 UK time, Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What Ho bloggers! Top work yesterday on the plural issue which seems solved. Chrises it has to be. And the "Sing Something Simple" reminiscence was fun; I used to hate it! It spoilt the Sunday groove after the Top 40 and had to lunge for the off switch pdq. That whole FM switchover led to many confused listeners. Try explaining that Radio 1 shut down at 7pm and later at midnight and you'll be thought a knave and a fool.
Big Radio 2 gig last night as Coldplay went back to Dingwall's in Camden, London, the venue of their first gig. Holds about 200 comfortably but I swear there were 6000 last night. And most R2 presenters were scattered about. Jo Whiley (looking great in a red frock) Jeremy Vine, Johnnie Walker, Dermot O'Leary and (singing along with gusto) Steve Lamacq. It was filmed for red button digital tv viewers but on Radio 2 on the 15th December. It's a good show too.They took a while to adjust their stadium show to a small stage but then they found precisely the right gear, and they were off.
Before the show I recorded a chat and tunes with Carole King for Christmas week. As you may well have heard from Ken's show yesterday, she really is delightful. We spent a while talking about David Jacobs who she had just met. She was mightily impressed!
And songs today please on our FROZEN PLANET. It's the last of David Attenborough's fantastic programmes tonight and the one US TV has banned. What more do you need?
Have a padded and enrobed Wednesday. See you after 5.


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