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and hey presto!

Simon Mayo | 08:05 UK time, Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Thanks for all your best wishes aimed at my old boiler. The man came and, well, did what boiler men do (some mystical chanting of old spells and the sprinkling of desiccated thermostat parts over a low light apparently) and before you could say 'vaporised fluid exit' all was well. Warmth seeped through the house just as the temperature nudged up anyway, but the grandmas can descend to us with confidence. And after last weeks ARF call from Olivia, I'm still tempted to rename them Nanny 1 and Nanny 2 but maybe its too late for that. Granny and Grandma will have to do. Olivia's mum sent us a lovely email yesterday-her daughter's quite a star!
I realise we will lose bloggers gradually as you peel off for your Christmas break, but here's hoping there's loads still making it through till Friday. Then we are off till Jan 3rd with lovely Paddy Kielty sitting in. My entry for the 'number of blog entries over Christmas' competition would be 401. Thanks.
More Christmas music today, and we welcome back Ralph McTell. When he sang 'Streets of London' a few months back, we were inundated with best wishes and fond reminiscences of Ralph songs and gigs across the years. Today he's back with some festive stuff and we can't wait.
And oldies today please for PEACE ON EARTH with a good dose of GOOD WILL TO ALL MANKIND thrown in for good measure. We need all we can get, so come on and let's get this party started.
Here's to a warm and cuddly Wednesday, see you after 5.


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