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Vorsprung Durch Drivetime

Simon Mayo | 09:22 UK time, Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hello hello you bloggers. What's happening with you? The estate is leaf covered again even though they were all gone moments ago. There was a wasp outside yesterday and I killed what I thought was a mozzie with an advent calendar. And the grass is is still growing. Apart from that, all is normal.
Last night's work's do was something to behold. It was, in truth, only management showing slides and videos but a glance around the room revealed Sir Tim Rice, Graham Norton, Gambo, Hot Rockin' Desmond Carrington From Perthshire, Scotland, Dermot, Steve, Chris , Ken and most of your favourites. Indeed you might be saying 'so what? that's who we would expect.' And you'd be right but we never see each other, so a good natter (as Mike Harding would say) was in order. A lovely photo was taken which will be shown for the next 20 years when the occasion dictates.
Today we welcome Geoffrey Palmer, one of our finest actors. From Reggie Perrin, "Butterflies" and "As Time Goes By" he has, by his own admission, cornered the market in 'dull plodding men'. He is fronting a campaign to get us involved in a nationwide campaign to make sure older folk don't spend Christmas alone. It's called "Companionship at Christmas" and Geoffrey will explain after 6.
And tunes today please for the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. This is because cuddly Ed Balls reveals in Total Politics magazine that it regularly reduces him to tears. Of laughter. It is, he says, when a big valuation leads a member of the public to say "It means more to me than money." That's generally the point at which I start to guffaw, wondering how much time will elapse before we see the priceless heirloom under the auctioneer's hammer.
My general rule of thumb is: the more composed the expression, the bigger the pound signs in the eyes. So the joys of the Antiques Roadshow please, celebrated in song.
Have a day of small triumphs and smiles. See you at 5.


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