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It's Not You

Simon Mayo | 09:24 UK time, Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Well good morning to you. Welcome to another day of blogging, tune selection, not eating biscuits and smiling happily at all, even if they might have taken your pumpkin (it's allright, I'm over it now, but are all bloggers? Sounds like a crimewave to me). Really enjoyed yesterday, particularly the curator of HMS Victory. Memories of my poor Airfix model-making skills came flooding back as I remembered never having the patience to paint the individual pieces but glueing the whole thing together and then trying to paint it. The result was of course a bit of a mess and if you had rigging and flags to constuct (erect? put up? What do you do with rigging?) you were lucky if it resembled a ship at all. It would then be put on a shelf until you knocked it off with your equally badly constructed Spitfire. Good days indeed.
Today we welcome REM on board just before they say goodbye. Their new Best of is called 'Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage' which isn't the most succinct title of all time but is a double CD and its got everything on it you might want, apart from their finest moment "Find The River' which for some inexplicable reason doesn't make it. We shall start the questioning there.
Songs today on the subject of BREAKING UP. This is partly REM related but also the shocking news that famous-for-no-reason reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her new husband have split up after a whopping 72 days. Count them! 'Irreconcilable differences" apparently. The couple earned a quarter of a million dollars in wedding-related revenue for every day they managed to tolerate each other. So SPLITTING UP it is and there is SO much to pick from.
Have a loyal and faithful Wednesday (looking foward to the mosh already!), see you after 5.


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