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Having a little patience

Simon Mayo | 09:19 UK time, Monday, 28 November 2011

A blog written from the cinema. I know I know but someone has to do it. This mornings treat is Hugo in 3D which is new from Martin Scorcese. Hoping to interview him tomorrow for 5 Live and also Sir Ben Kingsley who stars in it, for Drivetime. Maybe it's the Protestant work ethic or something, but a movie on a Monday and in the morning still seems the height of decadence. I shall sit here feeling guilty. But will get over it.
Hope all your weekends were good ones. I'm not in the Christmas mood just yet,despite ordering a tree and listening to a panpipes version of 'We Three Kings' this morning. I fear this has had the opposite effect. So to balance things I'll listen again to the Smith and Burrows 'When The Thames Froze' which is the finest new festive tune I've heard in years. A little bit 'Lean on Me', a little 'Fairytale of New York' and a big old optimistic chorus on a slightly sad series of verses. And no panpipes.
Today it's Bookclub time and Conn Iggulden delivers "Conqueror", the last on a series about Mongol leaders Ghengis and Kublai Kahn. It's vivid, bloody and gripping historical fiction from a man brought up on Hornblower, Flashman and Jack Aubrey. And you can read some here for no money.
And oldies today please on the subject of WAITING. It's an Advent thing. Advent, as I recall, is all about waiting and something no one does anymore. What do we want? Instant Gratification! When do we want it? Now! You know how it goes.
Have a patient and calm Monday, see you just after 5. If you can wait that long.


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