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A Knight's tale

Simon Mayo | 09:06 UK time, Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Apparently cherry juice helps. Sleep that is. In the mad world of the sleep deprived, any new development or scientific announcement is grabbed. I'll be off shortly to queue for some but it'll probably be sold out by then. It's the 4.30 am moment that's the killer; I might as well get up and go do something useful with the extra hours. And 5pm seems a long way away! Meantime a screening beckons at 10.30. I'm sure the nations film hacks won't notice a snoozer on the back row...
Enjoyed the chat with Michael Connelly yesterday and the web chat afterwards was the best yet. You can still get a chapter for free here and we hope to announce our new book today. Our guest tonight is another giant in the world of books Sir Terry Pratchett. His new book is called "Snuff" and is another of his Discworld novels. It's funny, it's smart and everything you've come to expect from Sir Terry. His Alzheimer's hasn't-apparently-slowed his story rate down with 2 more books on the way. Don't miss TP after 6.
And in keeping with our guest, let's do FANTASY oldies please. His realm is Science Fantasy of course but feel free to take it anywhere you like.
Have a cheery and cherry-filled Tuesday, see you after 5.


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