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So Macho

Simon Mayo | 09:16 UK time, Monday, 24 October 2011

Ah yes, Monday morning. I remember this. I hope your weekend was a marvel. Or barely tolerable at the very least. I took child 3 to see "Real Steel" staring Hugh Jackman and a number of robots hitting each other. And we loved it. Given the fact that the boy star is 11, it turned out to be the best father/son film out there. Given that I also have the physique of Mr Jackman, it proved to be quite uncanny for everyone. Then it was a trip to the book shop and a surreptitious-JR Hartley-style glance at the humour section. It seemed well stocked to me, so that's all right then (don't ask, I'll have to go on a course).
Later a friend's surprise 50th was in order, but because we are all middle aged, it was only a bit of a surprise and we were all home by 11.30. A good night.
This week is half term in our house but someone has to keep going so here we are on Monday morning with the old routine still in place. James May is our guest today- Captain Slow himself will be in attendance. His campaign is to turn Britain into a nation of 'real men'. He wants us chaps to be able to read poetry, cook dinner and know all about drill bits. Mind you, if you can fight robots, this is all easy stuff. James has always been my favourite Top Gear presenter and is always charming company. In fact we should do MANLINESS oldies today. However you wish to define it; bookish and sensitive, rugged and heroic or trendy and art-school (other variants are available). MANLY tunes then but you have to say Sinitta is unlikely...
Have a firm and supported Monday, see you after 5


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