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Simon Mayo | 09:02 UK time, Monday, 31 October 2011

Any excuse for a bad night. Start tinkering with my body clock and I'll just stay awake for ever. 'An extra hour in bed' is what we are told about but I get a weeks worth of minor jet lag. Boo hiss.
I hope your weekend was full of lovely things. Or at least one lovely thing. My sparkling contribution was to win a Mummy competition. The contest was a 'dress the daddy's as Mummys' where the fathers there got wrapped in toilet roll from head to foot. I have to say my team excelled themselves and I was very convincing as Rameses II or was it Seti? Or a reject from the 'Nightboat to Cairo' video possibly.
So this weekend we bid farewell to one of the truly original radio voices. Jimmy Saville was an extraordinary man who was-in the brief period we overlapped at Radio 1-exactly the same off air as he was on air. All the tributes to him have said it was impossible to separate the man from the personality. When he arrived at the DJ's Christmas dinner wearing 6 bobble hats, one on top of each other and everyone present started doing Jimmy impressions, you knew this was no ordinary man. Although its Jim'll Fix It that many will remember him for, in our house, the Sunday afternoon Double Top Ten Show/Old Record Club was a must-listen. As a kid I loved the off air characters he talked to-Uncle Ted and Graham Archive spring to mind. And I was fortunate to work with 'Uncle' Ted Beston when I joined Radio 1, he had the best music ears anywhere and it was Ted who put those shows together. Happy memories. RIP Jimmy Saville.
So today we have another Radio 2 Bookclub choice 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone' by Laini Taylor. For Halloween this is a splendid piece of fantasy set in Prague and full of splendid and horrendously weird characters. You can read a chapter here and listen to Laini (with a daughter called Clementine Pie by the way) tonight in the dark from 6. She'll be live in Portland Oregon and then take part in the web chat from 6.30.
And for oldies, inevitably, it has to be HALLOWEEN, TRICK OR TREAT, ALL HALLOWS EVE and all things October 31st. Your creativity is valued...
Have a rational and superstition-free Monday (though that'll be tricky, and we're not helping) see you after 5.


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