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Ford every stream

Simon Mayo | 08:21 UK time, Monday, 17 October 2011

Greetings campers. A good weekend I trust. Good one here, mainly for the fact that I finally ran out of excuses to not start the second novel. I know this all seems somewhat ridiculous given that the first one hasn't sold a single copy and given that it isn't out till March. It might die a death, it might be a Booker prize winner (no it won't) but I was told I had to start the next one. The nice people at the publishers want it by the summer (or sooner) but I have been vacillating and prevaricating (thank you spell check). But under pressure from Mrs M and an empty house, I finally managed a measly 450 words. Each one fought to stay unwritten but eventually I wrestled them free. Probably still pants however and will be excised by the all-seeing editor.
The other achievement was taking child 3 to see Tintin. As a kid I loved the TV series and this is lovingly moved to the big screen by Mr Spielberg. It's a bit stodgy in places but looks terrific.
So today we offer you Joe Simpson on the book club. It was 'Touching the Void' which brought him to everyone's attention but it is this novel we have chosen. It's called 'The Sound Of Gravity' and you can read the gripping first chapter here. We are back on the mountains for this one and it is worth your time I think. He really can write and it is powerful stuff.
We shall also be catching up with Friday's hero Andrew and his Badge No.7. I know (because his mum has tweeted it) that the badge was won but we'll found out more at 5.20.
And songs today I think for MOUNTAINS, MOUNTAINEERS and assorted climbing activities.
And then we are ready to go.
Have a bracing and enthralling Monday, see you after 5.


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