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Retro kitchen (again)

Simon Mayo | 09:00 UK time, Thursday, 22 September 2011

Morning to all you bloggers new and old and those who pop over on an occasional basis. Thanks to all for the birthday greetings yesterday, most appreciated (as in 'they were most appreciated' not 'most of them were appreciated and others weren't'). It being a regular school and work day it was pretty full on but managed a screening of the new Helen Mirren/Tom Wilkinson movie "The Debt", then a quick lunch with Mrs M, followed by an interview with Tom for Friday's film show on 5 Live. What a top bloke Tom is. It was "The Full Monty" that propelled him to stardom back in 1997 and America loves him; "Shakespeare in Love", the "Batman" films, "In The Bedroom", Michael Clayton and many others testify to his skills as an actor. And he's 63 and looking terrific! Hooray for maturity and wisdom! and hooray for age and enlightenment!
As it turns out, Neil Finn is the same age as me and as yesterday proved, he is on top form. Those harmonies were something to behold I thought. No idea how old Prof Umlaut is but he was a star too. Now you've heard Motörhead and Mötley Crüe pronounced correctly, life can never be the same.
Post show, We had a take away, some fizz and an episode of our new favourite box set show "Modern Family". Now that's a party.
Nigel says it's Prawn Cocktail today. Hmmm. He's going to have work hard on that one. Still the naffest of starters (though the best of crisps) I can't imagine ever ordering one in restaurant. Let's see what Nigel can conjure... And for songs today I think we should herald the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX on Friday. AUTUMN and EQUINOX in er, equal measure (no we haven't done it this year, that was end of summer!) Have a care-free and optimistic Thursday, see you after 5.


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