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24 and there's so much more...

Simon Mayo | 09:13 UK time, Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I am contemplating the passing of years. I haven't come to any conclusions but my contemplation will continue all day. I'm sure somewhere I'm still 32 but so far I haven't found any evidence to back that up. A colleague has told me (as I have mentioned before) that Freud thought your 50's are your most creative decade. I shall cling to that thought today.
In fact I am resolving to dress like Kid Creole. He still cut a dash as he arrived at our studios yesterday. Stylish and clever, it took just the brief lift journey (floors 1-6) to win Sally over.
Today the equally cool Neil Finn arrives at Drive in the guise of "The Pajama Club", his latest band. It's another age and stage affair I think as this band features Neil's wife Sharon. They were empty nesters and came to the conclusion they might as well do something useful with their time. They had instruments and a studio to hand, it all seems obvious really. I shall suggest to Mrs M that we embark on some grand project together as soon as child 3 departs. By which time, Child 1 and possibly 2 will be back anyway so this'll have to wait Anyway I have a lovely writing book and some binoculars to play with as well as some clothes to model...
Can we manage songs of MATURITY and WISDOM? I hope so. Songs about not being quite so young are to be treasured and I suspect you have a secret stash ready to go anyway.
Have a dignified and sprightly Wednesday, see you after 5,


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