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Radio Faces

Simon Mayo | 08:18 UK time, Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Well all seems quiet. Quiet in the house, quiet on the blog. Maybe we are winding down for the summer, maybe we are reading books, maybe we are just quiet. And getting on a bit.
Enjoyed the show yesterday, everything seemed to work just fine and the appearance of a Python is always an occasion, even if Python haven't really existed for decades. And his claims that the Python's phones were hacked were extraordinary. Picking up your phone and hearing old recorded messages from your children because the system was broken must have been-even for the Pythons-quite surreal.
Top news about David Rodigan and a 10 part series on reggae for Radio 2. I've never met David but have loved his shows for years and you can hear him on Steve's show today. It is fair to say that he is one of many radio people who doesn't look the way he sounds. An Irish man I met once told me I looked different to the way he thought I should. "And how did you think I'd look?" I asked. "I thought you would have a big bushy beard!" he suggested. I am unlikely to be able to oblige on that point.
Dr Mosh returns today from 6 with a selection of summer rocking tunes (hello to the Cambridge Rock festival blogger/bloggers, you are most welcome). I will try to take some photos of The Mosh Lord in action as it really is something else. I think a few rock festival appearances would cement his burgeoning position as the voice of rock. Sorry, THE VOICE OF ROCK.
And songs today please on the subject of WATER. We have been told for years that we should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day but a report in the British Medical Journal says the advice "isn't borne out by any evidence whatsoever". I'm not sure anyone actually did drink that much water anyway but the writer of the report says we should "just relax a bit". Which is good news because we were anyway. But WATER it is and WATER oldies would be very welcome.
Have a welcoming and comfortable Wednesday, see you after 5


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