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With a Way And a Ho!

Simon Mayo | 09:27 UK time, Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Today in the studio we have an engineering and logistical puzzle but an musical delight. Billy Hawkins, Jeremy Brown, John Brown, John Lethbridge, John McDonnell, Jon Cleave, Julian Brown, Peter Rowe, and Trevor Grills are Port Isaac's "Fisherman's Friends". Singing together since 1995, they signed a record deal with Universal in 2010 and they won the radio 2 Folk Awards 'Good Tradition' award. They are between 50 and 77, so here comes another example of blooming creativity in er, later years. They sing, as you probably know, sea shanties and traditional songs with a lot of stomping and whooping. As such they are a THOROUGHLY GOOD THING and they are very welcome, even if they will have to budge up a bit and share microphones.
And on the subject of live music, can I recommend the red button of your digital TV remote if you have a moment? If you look at the schedules and think 'you know what, I could do with some great film music played right now by the BBC Philharmonic' the red button is there for you. There's an edited version of my show from Friday in Salford up for a week and it sounds fabulous. Turn up the Magnificent 7 to the maximum allowed and I defy you not applaud at the end.
So for today, and with our guests in mind, let's do FISHING, FISH AND FISHERMEN for our top oldie tunes. Up she rises indeed.
Have a stress free and calming Tuesday, see you at 5.


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