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Simon Mayo | 06:11 UK time, Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Morning/afternoon depending on when you have joined us and apologies for the usual 'jumping blog' and 'difficult to post' problems. Why it should be easier to blog in some places and more difficult here, I have no idea. Rest assured I pass on all your frustrations (with added emphasis) and assume someone is trying to fix it. Even if it does't feel like it.
Maybe blog and technology rage is another symptom of the middle-aged that we were talking about yesterday:that sense of powerlessness and impotence that only your computer can bring. 36-59 were the ages our expert focussed on for being middle aged and while much of what he said was true, in retrospect he seemed a tad negative to me. I prefer the Bob Geldof school of thought which suggests you are at your most settled, most creative and might just be the best time of all. Apart from your big hairy ears of course.
(Blog accompaniment today:silence. My brain is full.)
With reference to Solihull schools that were being discussed yesterday, I know it wasn't me on Suzie's bus as I never had 'Cream' written on my bag, I had 'Focus' or 'Spurs' or maybe 'T.Rex'. But Malvern girls, as far as I was able to judge these things, were classy.
Yesterday I had a Tom Hanks interview to do for 5Live. Tom is always a classy guest, in fact I'd say he's the best. Someone should film Tom doing his promotional interviews-he is extraordinary. Every time he delivers, every time he makes it sound like you are his only interview and he is thrilled to do it. There are many,many actors who should watch how Tom does it and learn. Top bloke.
At 6 today 'the Joan Collins of childcare advice' Dr Miriam Stoppard will be talking health and pregnancy. And songs today please FOR THE OVERWORKED. Songs of STRESS AND PRESSURE. And also we should do songs of RELAXATION just in case it all gets too much. And if you ask why-WE JUST ARE OK? Thanks.
Have a blissful and enlightened Tuesday. See you after 5.


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