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Simon Mayo | 09:15 UK time, Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wow busy blog again. Springtime has clearly brought a surge in energy levels. The vigorous discussion about holiday deps I'm sure will be of interest to all important BBC people who decide these things. I'm sure they read the blog religiously anyway but just in case they don't, memos will be sent.
Enjoyed having Tony Blackburn on the show yesterday. To retain that enthusiasm after all these years is quite something. I thought his jungle-based musings were fascinating and he does seem a calm, thoughtful chap these days. He had a good old reminisce with Steve Wright in Sally's office beforehand-we should have recorded that too!
(Today's blog music is the new Steve Miller Band album 'Let Your Hair Down' a very bluesy start to the day)
Today we welcome Fern Britton to Drivetime. She's written a novel! It's called "New Beginnings" and is about a journalist and single mother who becomes a Daytime TV star. It's about the work/life balance really and they say write about what you know so Fern has done just that.
Tunes ladies and gentlemen of the blog on the theme of HATS. Haven't done them for ages and apparently, all stylish heads at Fashion Week were sporting a smart, structured hat. It's the old fashioned felt fedora that's grabbing attention this year (I'm certainly wearing mine this season) but let's do HATS and head coverings of all shapes and sizes today. Thanks.
Have an enthusiastic and optimistic Wednesday, see you after 5.
(and get well soon Bob Harrris. Detached retina apparently. Take it easy sir.)


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