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Squeeze that middle

Simon Mayo | 07:44 UK time, Monday, 21 March 2011

Morning bloggers, I hope the weekend was all you wished it to be on Friday. Mine was another jambalaya (child 3:"is this your speciality?" SM:"In as much as it is one of the few dishes I can do, yes"), and then to Cambridge for a 'The Science of Doctor Who' lecture as part of the Science For Life festival there. Two lecturers on the philosophy and origins of time travel and then celebrity alien death match. Something for everyone don't you think?
So for today...
The Radio 2 Book club returns with Karen Maitland's "The Gallows Curse". The year is 1210 and 'a black force is sweeping England'. It is steeped in treachery, curses, lust, conspiracy, spells, sin and the gallows. You get the picture. Karen will be in after 6 and do a web-chat at 6.30. There is a fulsome chapter ready to go on this site for you to get a flavour of the kind of scary place Karen has written about. Let us know what you think!
And tunes today please for the MIDDLE CLASS. A survey suggests that 71% of the UK think of themselves as middle class. That's more than 4 times the number from 40 years ago. Barely anyone thinks themselves upper class apparently and 24% say they are working class. So let's do songs for the middle classes, whoever and wherever we/they may be. You know who we/they are.
Have a really rather pleasant and lovely day, see you after 5


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