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Simon Mayo | 22:39 UK time, Tuesday, 1 March 2011


This morning I am spending watching 'The Tempest' and then talking to Helen Mirren about it. I assume she's in it otherwise there would be no point (appalled by my own ignorance, I have just checked the trailer and she is Prospera, not Prospero clearly and so therefore is the top turn). This is, on balance, a rather pleasant way to spend the morning and I shall report back.

I mentioned yesterday that Liam Gallagher was in to talk about his new project Beady Eye. This is basically Oasis without Noel and we recorded our chat, as Liam has, as they say, previous. As it turned out, he and band colleague Gem were sweeties and were clearly thrilled to be making records again. I always tended to think that Noel was the songsmith in Oasis but the Beady eye album is a whole lot better than you would think. You can hear our chat next Tuesday.

Today it's some live music from Teddy Thompson who I have admired for a number of years now. His new album is called 'Bella' and he will be singing live after 6.

And I know it doesn't feel like it but I think we should get stuck into SPRING today. March is when we look for every tiny sign that the worst is behind us and even if we don't find any, continue to say it's Spring. So 'Hello Clouds Hello Sky' as Basil Fotherington Thomas would have said in the brilliant Molesworth books, and hey for the snowdrop and ho for the daffs.

Have a prosperous and really rather lovely Wednesday, see you after 5.


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