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Keeping Jol(l)y

Simon Mayo | 08:59 UK time, Wednesday, 30 March 2011

As Lionel Ritchie so memorably sang "Hello".
Cool, drizzly, with the promise of further dampness is how it looks to me in these parts, and is probably similar with you. Enjoyed yesterday's show - interesting to meet Wilbur Smith again. I have no doubt it'll be a huge best seller of course and the action sequences are as breathtaking as ever but as I mentioned to Wilbur, there is one scene which I found hard to get beyond. It was so horrible and brutal and, looking back at it now, lingered over, that it might be a barrier for some. Be interested in anyone else's thoughts should they be reading it...
Today we welcome Dom Joly to the show. He once turned up for a chat on my old programme on 5 Live along with Bob Geldof. It was memorable because neither Dom or Bob knew why they were supposed to be there. They had nothing to promote so we just talked about anything that occurred to us. And then we stopped. Good radio! This time I know why Dom's around-he has a tour called 'Welcome To Wherever I Am'. It doesn't sound like stand-up as such, more 'an audience with'. He's telling stories about holidaying in North Korea, being arrested in Switzerland dressed as a yeti and discovering he was at school with Osama Bin Laden. That kind of thing.
And how about MISS MARPLE oldies? The news that really-rather stunning Jennifer Garner is to play the Agatha Christie sleuth has raised a few eyebrows. Given that she's not really the first person you think of after Angela Lansbury, Margaret Rutherford and Joan Hickson. So MARPLE, CHRISTIE and everything that spins out from there would be lovely.
Have a harmonious and peaceful Wednesday, see you after 5.


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