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It's all elementary of course

Simon Mayo | 08:41 UK time, Monday, 28 March 2011

Good morning to all, hope the weekend was full of good things. I had a Friday which involved the normal 2 shows and then a surprising press release. I wasn't sure when it was coming out or I would have blogged on the matter last week. So, much to my surprise, I have written a novel. It started out as a story for child 3 and 94,000 words later I thought I had better stop. I wrote it through most of last year and Random House have announced that they will publish it next year. Which makes me very excited but aware that publication is so far away I had better get myself under control pdq.
It is called 'Itch' and is about a boy growing up in Cornwall obsessed with science. He calls himself an element hunter-his passion is collecting everything on the table of elements. And that's all I'm saying for now as it would be unwise to go further! I suppose it's pitched at 10/11 years old and upwards but I'll let the experts deal with that. To be honest I wrote for my son and for myself and we'll see where it goes from there. I found the whole thing rather thrilling and cannot wait to get back to write the next one (they asked for 2, so they'll get 2!). I should say very little about it as 2012 seems so far off, but one drink and I'll spill the whole plot.
So today's show features one of those Nashville bands that has broken into the mainstream Sugarland. They are Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush and they play live in the studio tonight. Fans of Bob Harris will have heard plenty already but I hope you enjoy their tunes tonight.
And songs on the CENSUS would appear to be the way to go. I filled it all in yesterday (unlike Matt who was somewhat premature) and particulary enjoyed the space by Q17. I did a little drawing of our family, I thought it would help. So FORM-FILLING, QUESTIONS, ANSWERS, COUNTING etc. You know how it goes.
Have a reassuring, supportive and trouble-free Monday, see you after 5.
Now, let me tell you about Germanium...(fades to black)


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