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Fingers and thumbs

Simon Mayo | 08:34 UK time, Thursday, 17 March 2011

Morning to you. Love Thursdays. Nearly the weekend and an hour of country to drive home to. Won't be Bob tonight though as that eye of his has taken him out for a while (though looking on the bright side there's more food for the rest of us when Nige is in). A chance for Alex Lester to see the daylight! The Dark Lord will be with us! Get ready!
There's not much to Nigel anyway but now of course there's even less. With his thumb in the freezer, the rest of him makes it in to the studio with some Osso bucco. This translates as 'bone with a hole' which has to be about the most revolting title for a dish ever. Veal shanks braised with vegetables I believe. This is not the cruel horrible veal which I have ignored all my life but, Nigel says, ok decent veal. So I'll trust him. It's normally served with risotto alla Milanese and will be a treat I'm sure.
And a word for Chris Moyles over at Radio 1. He won't be reading this of course but he is storming towards my 37 hour Radio 1 record. It sounds like he's going to break it with panache. And aplomb. If that's possible.He's going for the world record which is around 52 hours and I'm going to call in after the show to wish him well. Interviewing Mr Blobby after 30 hours was my lowlight and happily I barely remember it. Go Chris (while listening to our Chris obviously).
It is all in aid of COMIC RELIEF RED NOSE DAY of course and as we are busy with ARF business tomorrow, we should do COMIC RELIEF RED NOSE tunes today. Over to you...
Have a light-hearted and whimsical Thursday, see you after 5.


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