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Simon Mayo | 06:37 UK time, Friday, 18 March 2011

Ok, well the Osso Bucco turned out to be a slow-cooked stew after all. And the risotto was something else again. More top work from Nigel!
After the show last night I went round the corner to Radio 1 to congratulate Chris Moyles on breaking my 37 hour radio marathon record. While I was there the total raised was more than a million pounds - some achievement really. Chris was in slippers and in command, if somewhat baffled by the music he was having to play. "It all sounds the same," he said, which is the kind of thing your parents always said when you had the radio on. He was right, of course, and what a relief to jump in the car to listen to Alex Lester sitting in for Bob. That George Jones track he played was a corker. Anyway, Chris has now crashed through the 52 hours this morning so well done to all.
Cheltenham Festival this week has delivered some fine racing, some brilliant commentary, and the great John Hunt last night on the show. Today's Gold Cup means the movie show gets shifted to 12pm for an hour. Some have suggested that Mark and I try to go for the record next time and try to break 52 hours. There is NO CHANCE of that happening, none at all. I'd be asleep by 11 as normal. We mark Chris's achievement by doing a shorter show than normal.
Anyway, I'll have ample time to stroll round the A40 and get to Radio 2 and the All Request Friday. We need a wind-down-the-window-and-shout-along tune to kick it all off. Over to you. As ever.
Have a surprising and joyful Friday, see you after 5.


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