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Blades in! Easy oars! Paddle!

Simon Mayo | 08:39 UK time, Thursday, 24 March 2011

Another sunny day beckons here, I trust all is well with you. Spring is sprung indeed, temperatures in the mid-teens and the dark twigs and branches of blackthorn bushes bursting with blossom. I mention this because The Times warns of a 'blackthorn winter'; a lovely spring is cut off by a horrible return of snow, sleet and cold. This is what happened last year but, on yesterday's showing, we'll have all consumed so much cider that no one will care. Our guest yesterday clearly accounted for the surge in cider drinking yesterday (if only the chancellor had realised he could have taxed it to oblivion). Cider man also mentioned that other sign of spring-the call of the chiff-chaff. I think I heard one at 5.40 this morning but it might have been bronchial wheezing. I will not rest until I have heard the chiff-chaff today. Even if it's on my phone-app.
Nigel in today with a fish-based item. Fish with fish sprinkles and in a fishy sauce. He knows I don't like it but he persists in educating my palate. My education continues today. Long live King Nigel.
Oldies and grumbles. There are obviously topics that come round a few times and the budget is one of them. When a news story is particularly big (and the economy/banks/cuts etc is one of those) I feel a degree of repetition is a good thing. Yesterday we had a whole number of different tunes (like the BTO song) and it all sounded really rather lovely. And next year, we'll do it again! Today it's time to do THE BOAT RACE. Yes, it's back this weekend, 5pm on Saturday. 250,000 spectators will head again to the banks of the Thames and we need songs inspired by OARS, ROWLOCKS and ROWING. SCULLING, COXWAINS and GUNWALES. Or whatever takes your fancy really.
Have a fruitful and inspired Thursday, see you after 5.


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