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You'll be old then

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Simon Mayo | 09:19 UK time, Thursday, 17 February 2011

There is truly nothing like a useless back to make you feel 109. I am hoping to do the show today, though moving more than 10 yards is a struggle as I write. 5 o'clock is a long way away so I'm off looking for some healing hands. The last time this happened I was in Hong Kong for the Equestrian events at the Olympics and I tottered around like I was due at the knackers yard any minute. I sat for 5 hours or so next to our commentator, the great John Murray, and together we made it through the dressage, the heat and the twinges.
I promise not to go on about it however and only mention it every 5 minutes or so.
Nigel has an ox-tail broth or something today, another dish that I would never order at a restaurant. Memories of the way it used to taste are too strong in my mind. I think revolting is the word I'm looking for. However as we all know by now, with Nige at the controls, all will be well. That Cornish pastie seem ages ago...
Anyway I think for the songs, we will take Nigel's OX and extend it to the rest of the FARMYARD. All FARM ANIMALS and indeed FARMERS. Over to you.
Have a pain-free and enthralling Thursday, hopefully see you after 5.

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