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Simon Mayo | 08:20 UK time, Thursday, 10 February 2011

Good morning and good day to you all. Interesting chats on the blog yesterday about smoking and parents we have lost (sometimes one and the same story). Bob, as he mentioned, dedicates his album to his father and sister who died last year. But I thought some of the most interesting stuff was his comment about contentment 'not being part of the plan'. If he writes part 2 of his biography, I think it'll be part music, part politics and part philosophy.
So now it's Nigel day and he has said that it is time for kedgeree. It is probably just me but fish at breakfast just doesn't do it for me. My mother might have tried kippers once upon a time and that was it. Never again. It might be Scottish, it might be Indian but it's still fish and it's still breakfast. However I have learnt not to be hasty. Tofu wasn't top of any list either and last weeks was great stuff. So trust Nige is our watchword and see what happens.
Oldies today I reckon should be about RAMBLING, WALKING and FOOTPATHS. A thousand miles of footpaths are to be created on National Trust land. It is, apparently, the biggest increase in signposted public access to the countryside for more than a century. So party on. Your top choices below, thanks.
Have a thrilling and captivating Thursday, see you after 5.

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